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Top 10 Scams Buying Wholesale LED Sloar Lights on Alibaba That You Must Know

11 7 月, 2022

1. The wholesale led solar lights sold are fake brands

Some merchants on Alibaba will inform them that wholesale LED solar lights with the brand on their store. Although these products may be relatively cheap, in fact, the merchants who sell these products may not have been authorized by the brand and have not been allowed to use such brands. to sell this product.

If you need to wholesale LED solar lights on Alibaba, please pay special attention to whether there are some well-known brands marked on the product interface of the merchant, and if so, please confirm whether these products with brands are authorized to sell.

The best way to avoid scams is not to buy through Alibaba, independent station wholesale solar lighting products, of course, because we specialize in wholesale lighting, please feel free to contact us for the solar products you need.

Whoelsale led solar lights

2. Selling products but receiving an empty package

A similar situation occasionally occurs in Alibaba. Maybe after you pay, you receive an empty package or an unbranded product. This is similar to the first scam, because the seller may label a product of a certain brand, but because He is not authorized to sell, there is no way to distribute a product of this brand. As a result, after you place an order, the product you receive does not match the description.

The first way to avoid this scam is to avoid looking for branded products with ridiculously low prices. Usually, the price of a product after the authorized brand is more expensive than that of ordinary products, followed by shipping, etc., the final cost will generally be higher. Secondly, check the transportation method. Generally, most importers of products that need wholesale LED solar lights will choose to buy a sample to check the quality. This process can also check whether the seller is authentic. If the seller can only ship by EMS, then it can be confirmed The seller is not trustworthy.

3. Billing to a personal bank account

If it is a company, the payment account is usually the company’s account rather than the personal account. Remember that if you need to receive money and transfer money to an account on Alibaba, make sure that the name of the account is the same as the registered name of the store on Alibaba. If it is not the company’s name, you must remain suspicious, and it is a scam by a liar.

LED Solar Lights

4. Selling fake lumen products

Generally, wholesale LED solar lights with some lumens, but Alibaba will falsely label them, and some labels will not match the actual ones. At this time, you should pay attention to asking the store owner or making your own judgment. For example, the lumens of some solar garden lights do not reach 1,000 at all, but they are marked with 1,000. At this time, attention should be paid to the identification.

5. Only Western Union is accepted

When the seller sends an invoice for payment, the above only indicates the remittance method of Western Union. At this time, special attention should be paid, because the money you remit is probably not a company account but a personal account. Usually, you can choose to bank transfer to the company’s account instead of the personal account

6. Refused to send samples

Usually, when wholesale-led solar lights ask the supplier for samples, the seller will tell that there is no sample. At this time, you should remain skeptical. If the order quantity is large, the general supplier will provide samples for you to confirm, and of course, they will also provide you with an invoice for the samples, and then you will send the samples after payment.

7. Pay with cryptocurrencies

Because Bitcoin and some cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular these days, if a supplier asks you to pay in encrypted currency, then you can be 100% sure that the store is unreliable because, with cryptocurrency, you have no way of knowing who is paying who is it.

8. Require additional payment for customs clearance

If you place an order for a sample of wholesale led solar lights before this, usually there will be no customs clearance fee if the amount is small. If the seller quotes the FOB price, the customs clearance fee will usually be included, and you do not need to pay additional customs fees.

9. Remittance to boss account

If the seller tells them that there is a problem with their company account, they need you to make a payment to their boss’s account. At this time, we must be vigilant. Whether it is the boss or not, the account must be a personal account and must be strictly rejected.

10. Unverified Alibaba Store

Usually, scammers will open a free Alibaba account without any verification, pretending to be a legitimate business, but in fact, only collecting money but not sending products

Summary: In order to avoid the above things from happening, when wholesale led solar lights, you should pay special attention to whether the other party is a serious supplier. Of course, when you can’t judge, it is best not to look for wholesale led solar lights suppliers through Alibaba. You can choose independent stations for consultation and procurement because the reliability, authenticity, and safety of independent stations are relatively high. If you need wholesale solar light products, please feel free to contact us. We have rich export experience of wholesale led solar lights to ensure your order is safe and reliable.


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