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How to enhancing your outdoor lighting?-Dowell

27 6 月, 2022

Guidelines for enhancing outdoor lighting from Dowell Manufacturer

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Lighting is an important part of indoor and outdoor home design. outdoor lighting not only increases the style and makes the space more attractive, but also makes the family safer and more practical if done correctly.

Homeowners who plan to make full use of outdoor spaces such as backyards, front porches and walkways should carefully consider lighting issues. These guidelines are helpful in selecting outdoor lighting fixtures.

Safety lighting

Floodlights and safety lights are a good investment for those who want to improve visibility and safety in their homes. These lamps are of high intensity and are designed to illuminate large areas. Brightness and antennae can be used as a preventive measure to keep animals and even criminals away.

If something passes through the path of the sensor, the motion sensor indicator will turn on immediately. Some lights stay on from dusk to dawn. Lowes home improvement recommends using the correct wattage on outdoor safety lights so that they completely submerge an area without affecting nearby properties.

Wall lamp, column lamp and ceiling lamp

According to lamps USA, there are many styles of outdoor lighting beyond the safety option. The wall lamp is installed on the outdoor wall of the home. These are usually side doors or garages.

Column lights are usually installed on the columns of the deck and porch, or independent of the property, which can provide both visibility and style. Ceiling mounted lights can be installed above doorways or in any structure with overhead areas.

The warm temperature bulb in these lamps can create a less bright and harsh attractive atmosphere, especially when multiple lamps work together. When choosing lighting for wall mounted lamps, experts suggest that if you are not sure about the size to choose, please adjust the size, because the proportion of lamps will be much smaller from a distance.

Key lighting and landscape lighting

A range of key lighting options are available. Accent lighting is designed to enhance the mood and appearance of certain elements in the landscape. Accent lighting is not intended to add light. For example, you can cast upward lights on trees or shrubs to highlight their shape.

Accent lighting can also show structures, such as gardens or fountains. Although the key lighting may be hardwired, the luxury homeowners who want to enjoy the replacement lighting can choose solar lamps, which are more mobile but less bright.

Other pointers

When purchasing bulbs, consider the number of lumens. A standard 100 watt bulb produces approximately 1600 lumens. The brightness of the safety lamp shall be between 700 and 1300 lumens to obtain the best brightness. Other lights don’t have to be that bright.

In addition, ensure that any fixtures used are of an outdoor safety class. The design experts of schoolhouse, a lighting and household goods company, suggest that the design of wet fixtures can withstand direct exposure to the outdoor environment.

Wet fixtures are suitable for outdoor locations to prevent inclement weather. Check the product details or work with an electrician to select the correct lighting option.

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