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Dowell supplier not only have round  production equipment producing LED Letter Lights,but also have ultra experienced sale team,feedback with in 8h,industry fastest delivery time 25 days.We can provide what others can’t!


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[energy saving and durable] -This LED Letter lights is portable and can be hung on the wall or on the table. Battery powered, it requires 2 AA batteries, so it does not need to be plugged into a power outlet. It’s too safe. (excluding battery)

LED Letter lights suppliers

[high quality] – made of plastic; Fashionable led subtitle lamp, long service life of LED lamp, long-term use without heating, can be placed anywhere. Get the best decorative effect.

[multipurpose] – LED Letter lights having 26 letters and Arabic numerals 0-9 to light up your favorite words for special occasions, activities or home decoration. For example, the wall decoration of home, birthday party, outdoor, bar, cafe and children’s room can create a romantic and warm atmosphere and give gifts.

LED Letter lights supplier

[decorative letter lamp] – the surface of the letter is mirrored. Very bright white letters, suitable for any scene: suitable for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s day, birthday party, outdoor, bar and cafe decoration, create a romantic and warm atmosphere, and it is also a good gift for friends and family.

[enjoy the fun of creation] – from a to Z and symbol & 27 letter LED lights for you to choose, create information, secret password, phrase or name, such as “I love you”, “home”, “marry me”, “U & M”, etc.

LED Letter lights manufacturers

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Qualified factory and products

Qualified factory and products

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