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3 Tips to Choose LED Camping Lights from Best Suppliers

16 5 月, 2022

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With the gradual loosening of epidemic control policies worldwide, more and more people are starting to go out for picnics and camping with friends and family. Those who choose to love going out camping enjoy the warm and comfortable sunshine during the day and love the bright starry sky at night. Although the stars are very beautiful, the dark environment can make it difficult to move or play. Therefore, we will need trustworthy LED camping lights, which can make your camping night much more cozy and interesting!

However, there are thousands of camping lights we can choose from in the market. Then, we have to face the question: which one is the best?

To help you make the right choice and get the best for you, Dowell, as a professional LED camping lights manufacturer, is going to summarize 3 useful tips to help you make a better choice.

The first thing you need to figure out is your own lighting needs. Which camping sites would you choose? How long is your camp likely to last? What is your camping goal, pure rest or adventure? Different places, times, and purposes determine to a certain extent what type of LED camping lights you should choose.

Second, you need to take into account the power issue. If you choose to go to a professional campground that has electricity, you don’t need a fully battery-powered light. But if you go to a wild area that lacks human intervention, you may need to think more about the power supply of LED camping lights. We have summarized three suggestions for your reference. Hope they can help you in choosing LED camping lights.

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1. Lumen

In the dark, a camping light with a high lumen can help you see your surroundings clearly and make it easier for you to move around. At the same time dispel the darkness, making you more secure. The 400-lumen camping light is already a very bright light, which can meet most lighting requirements in most camping scenes. However, we’re more likely to expect an adjustable camping light to opt for dimmer lighting when needed. Of course, whether 400 lumens is enough for your camping needs will depend in part on how honest the manufacturer is in marketing its product. As a lighting manufacturer with many years of experience, Dowell can provide you with accurate and real data to ensure your needs are met.

2. Portability

When we go camping, we are limited in what we can carry and must maximize space savings. At this time, it is very important to choose a portable, foldable, camping lamp with a hook. When you’re not using it, it can be easily folded up and put in your bag. And when you use it, you can also just carry the hook, which is easier and more convenient.

3. Battery

If you’re in the wild, it can be difficult to find a place to charge your camping lights, so it’s important to choose a camping light that has a rechargeable power source that also has the ability to run for a long time. Consider your battery supply – how much will a replacement battery cost? Can you easily carry a spare kit? Can you charge them? What do you do when camping? The more power you use, the faster the battery needs to be charged. Look for something bright enough for your needs and that’s it – otherwise, it will drain your battery supply!

Most LED camping lights on the market are battery-powered, but there are some plug-in and solar-powered styles. When choosing a camping light, be sure to consider the lumens we mentioned above (more on our headlights section), portability, and power (rechargeable batteries are an economical option). Whether the camping light is waterproof or not can also be considered.

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