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Dowell factory is always workning on providing professional OEM&ODM service for our customers.No matter what kind of package requirement you have,or for the product we have like this Outdoor Mini Flashlight  you have any adjustment requirement,even you have yourselves’s ODM molding product,we are also able to deal with it for you.


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DURABLE RUBBER CONSTRUCTION: Made of heavy-duty ABS, these handlebars are sealed for durability and durability to withstand drops and impacts.

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SUPER BRIGHT LIGHTING: Each Outdoor Mini Flashlight is equipped with a 1W super bright LED light with a light output of 100 lumens. Great for nighttime scatters, bedroom reading, long feet, hiking, fishing, serving BBQs.

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ULTRA WEALTH COLOR CHOICE: You will have choice for 6 colors which we currently have,also other color that you want according to Panton.

Outdoor Mini Flashlight Manufacturers
ELASTIC RUBBER SWITCH: The rubber switch increases the thrust, prevents light in the bag or opening, and avoids misoperation. Simple button operation, easy to switch.
LIFETIME LED: No need to replace the LED hour bulb because it supports 100,000 ultra-long battery life.Outdoor Mini Flashlight


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