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The 5 Best Wholesale Solar Lights: Comparison and Guide

9 7 月, 2022

5 Best Wholesale Solar Lights: Comparison and Guide

As a manufacturer of wholesale solar lights for many years, we would like to share with you the five best wholesale solar lights, and their differences, so as to give you a better buying guide.

1. Solar Outdoor Light

As far as lighting is concerned, this solar outdoor light features an upgraded super bright LED with very high lumens that can effectively illuminate a large area around it. In addition, the large-area lamp bead design enhances its lighting effect. Made of ABS and PC, these wholesale solar lights can be IP65 waterproof and tested to withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, which makes this product even more durable. In particular, this product has a sensing function, a built-in intelligent motion sensor, and a very wide beam angle. And has different sensor motion modes. Mode 1: always-on mode. Mode 2: Motion detection is 100% on, and turns off the 30s after people leave. Mode 3: light when people come, dark when people leave.


wholesale solar light

Solar Outdoor Light

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2. Solar Spotlight

As far as brightness is concerned, there are 4 SMD inside this wholesale solar light, which can reach 80 lumens, which is perfect for garden use, bringing soft light to illuminate the road at night. The lights and solar panels of this product can be adjusted and turned to ensure they absorb enough solar energy. This also allows them to obtain the best lighting angle. At the same time, like most other solar lights, it will automatically switch on and off according to the amount of sunlight. The solar lights will automatically turn on at night and turn off automatically at dawn. There are no excess electricity bills and no manual switches, helping to save energy and time. As for installation, it is equipped with tools and can be easily installed on the ground or on the wall with screws.


wholesale solar light exporter

Solar Spotlight

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3. Solar light

These wholesale solar lights are equipped with ultra-bright white LED light beads inside, which can provide brighter solar lighting for houses, gardens, and passages, and make movement freer at night. The light panel and the solar panel are separated, and the two are connected together by wires. After installing the light panels, you can put the solar panels in other places to absorb more sunlight. Compared with the general solar panel and light panel-connected products, it is more convenient to use. Built-in intelligent sensor, intelligent automatic switch with three modes.

wholesale solar light exporters

Solar light

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4. Landscape Spotlight

This RGB solar spotlight offers a variety of color options, including 8 fixed colors and 1 automatic color change. Short press the button, and the light will change to 8 fixed colors in sequence: red, green, blue, lemon yellow, purple, turquoise, rainbow, and cool white; press and hold the button for 2 seconds, and the indicator light will change to color cycle mode. The large capacity 18650 rechargeable lithium battery ensures that this product can run for a longer time. When fully charged, it can last up to 6-12 hours. In fixed color mode, the light can last for 12 hours. In color cycle mode, the light stays on for 6 hours at high brightness and 12 hours at low brightness. This product is designed with a larger solar panel on the top, which can provide up to a 20% photoelectric conversion rate, which greatly shortens the charging time compared with other wholesale solar lights. At the same time, you can flexibly adjust the direction of the light by adjusting the panel 90 degrees vertically or 180 degrees horizontally. Equipped with 16 LED lights, the lights are much brighter than others.

wholesale solar light inc.

Landscape Spotlight

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5. Solar Flame Light

These flame wholesale solar lights are perfect for those who like a product that is both functional and decorative. First of all, in terms of appearance, this product looks like a throbbing flame, giving people a bright feeling. Secondly, in terms of lighting function, it is installed with 66 LED lamp beads, which can well ensure that the surrounding area is illuminated. In terms of efficiency, it has a built-in 1200mAh rechargeable lithium battery, and the solar panel on the top enables it to be charged without a power source, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. As for installation, this solar light can be freely installed on the wall, which is very easy.

wholesale solar light exporter

Solar Flame Light

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