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9 Tips About Finding Wholesale LED Work Light Efficiently

12 4 月, 2022

Dowell, as a professional lighting manufacturer, will provide you with some useful suggestions about how to find the right wholesale  LED work light.

People from all walks of life face a variety of work environments, and among them, having good lighting conditions is very important. Bad lighting conditions can lead to dangerous situations. The security incidents that continue to occur around the world every year are related to this to some extent.

Work lights are made to improve people’s work environment, but like any other products, work lights have good and bad. So how can you find the most suitable work environment in the vast sea of ​​work lights? As most LED work lights are supplied by manufacturers, they also have more information. You can get more effective advice from professional manufacturers about LED work lights, just like us.

Wholesale LED Work Light


Among all kinds of work lights, more and more people choose LED work lights. Compared with incandescent and fluorescent lamps, LED lamps to consume about 90% less energy, generate less heat, are more durable, and last longer. That said, LED lights are more cost-effective. It will become the choice of more and more people.

LED brightness is measured in lumens. If you’re used to buying a 500W incandescent work light, then, accordingly, you should look for an 8000 lumen LED work light.LED work lights from unprofessional manufacturers and suppliers often promise unrealistic lumen output. It often happens that a 500 lumens off-brand work light emits less light than a 300 lumens professional work light. Professional manufacturers will provide accurate information to customers clearly and rigorously.

1. Power supply – Corded or Cordless

The LEDs work on both AC and DC power sources. Professional manufacturers often offer cordless work lights that run on rechargeable batteries. Generally speaking, cordless LED lights are smaller, portable, and easy to transport.

When choosing a rechargeable LED work light, the battery type is one of the important factors to consider. As a professional lighting manufacturer, we recommend work lights with lithium-polymer ion batteries (Li-Poly) overwork lights with lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ion), because lithium poly ion batteries will provide longer battery life for the work lights, Relatively speaking, it is safer than lithium-ion batteries.

Also, some LED work lights can only use AC power, typically for LED work lights with higher lumen output (8,000+).

2. Brightness and Adjustability

If you need light sources with different brightness levels to suit different work environments, as a professional manufacturer, we recommend work lights with optional lumen output settings. For example, a powerful work light might have two different lumen output settings, such as 800 lumens and 1000 lumens.

Work light with a wide range of brightness settings (i.e. 2000 lumens to 10,000 lumens) would be more practical. Because by adjusting the output, the light can be set to the required brightness according to the working environment.

3. Water, dust, and shock resistance (IP and IK ratings)

When choosing an LED work light, we must consider the usage environment. Dust and water can easily damage appliances. LED work lights with IP and IK ratings will be more capable of long-term use in harsh environments.

An IP rating defines the degree of protection of a work light from solid or liquid elements. For example, the LED work light with an IP67 rating means it is completely dust-proof and can also withstand immersion in about 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. And the light with an IP65 rating means it’s protected against dust and low-pressure spray.

The IK rating is a measure of the impact resistance of a work light. The higher the IK rating, the higher the impact resistance. IK grades range from IK0 to IK10. For example, an IK07 rating means the lamp has been tested to withstand a 1.7kg drop from 40cm above the impacted surface.

Waterproof work light from professional manufacturer

4. Sometimes people are faced with cramped workspaces and it can be inconvenient to hold a work light by hand, which requires a work light with magnets or hanging.

5. Sometimes people cannot carry very bulky work lights with them, and lightweight or foldable work lights are preferred.

6. Sometimes, there is no place to charge the phone in the work environment, and work light with its power bank function will solve this problem.

7. The battery level indicator is an inconspicuous but still very important place, and working light with this function can give users a more intuitive understanding of the charging situation, to avoid accidental drain and prolong the life of the battery.

8. Sometimes, people have to stay in one place to work, but want to adjust the brightness of the work light, then a work light with a mobile app that can be connected, the user can adjust the light directly in place.

9. Whether the work light comes with a stand is also something to consider. These accessories allow the LED work light to be height-adjustable so that it can be adapted to different work needs and illuminate a larger area.

Finding a satisfactory work light is not always easy, and entrusting the job of providing a professional product to a trusted manufacturer is a more convenient and straightforward option. But there are so many manufacturers in the world, how do you find the one that can provide you with the most satisfactory service?

As a manufacturer and exporter with more than 20 years of experience in supplying professional lighting products, Dowell has more than 3,000 production plants, and our partner factories are located in more than 120 regions and countries around the world.

At the same time, we can also provide you with customized functions and appearances, so that the work lights have both powerful functions and stylish shapes to fully meet your needs.

self-designed work light from professional manufacturer


If you want to learn more about work lights and tips on choosing the right work light, you can continue to follow our website, or contact us for more information on LED work lights and free samples!

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