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4 Advantages and Disadvantages of Using LED Work Light with Magnet

22 5 月, 2022

The Two Sides of Using LED Work Light with Magnet

Rechargeable LED work lights with magnets have quite significant advantages over those regular LED work lights without magnets.

First of all, there is freedom of placement. People usually have to mount a traditional work light to the body using a tripod and screws, considering these lights don’t have magnets. The regular work lights are difficult to move due to the “fixed installation”. In this case, the work light with a magnet (base) has more freedom of movement. The magnet in the bottom can help these work lights fix in many places, like a car or any other surface with iron. In this way, your hands can be free and it will be easier to work.

Secondly, lights with magnets are voltage-independent. In many cases, voltage levels must be considered when purchasing a work light. Work lights that support 12v cannot be connected to the truck’s voltage (24v). The internal components and associated resistors are not designed for this. Using LED lights with magnets and batteries, you don’t have to worry about that. It will be easier when you try to choose a light for working.

And of course, there will be some disadvantages when you use LED lights with magnets.

For example, mobile ones are not as powerful as traditional lights in most cases. This is because the lumen output of the lamp is lower. Sometimes, they may not meet all your special needs. Therefore, you have to also consider if the lights can meet your specific requirements. And when using batteries, the brightness/light hours must be considered. For this reason, in most cases, lights with magnets and batteries are less bright than those mounted directly on the truck/car power supply.

The LED lights do not come with a battery but have a magnetic base with a curling wire that accepts power through a 12v socket (cigarette socket). So you have to extend it from the cabin through the window to the appropriate spot on the vehicle. In winter, this can be inconvenient or uncomfortable.

All in all, a light used for working will definitely have some good sides and also bad ones. Because we always have very different needs at different times. You can improve this problem by choosing carefully but it can be really hard to do it perfectly.

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