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Are COB Lights Better? 3 Parts About COB Lights

June 23, 2022

What are COB Lights?

As a buyer of LED products, you must often see COB lights on the Internet or in stores. The word seems to be very popular, and at the same time, they are often the brightest lights you can buy. But sometimes you also wonder: what exactly does the COB light refer to? Next, we will give you some specific explanations. In fact, COB stands for “chip on board”, small LED light chips are tightly packed together on a circuit board, which allows them to produce 10 times the light output of the lamp size relative to traditional LED lights. These small LED chips on COB work lights tend to require very little power and are ideal for battery-powered or rechargeable work lights.

Why COB Lights are better?

COB LED lights are arguably the best form of high-intensity lighting, but why? Why do they outperform other types of LED lights? This is because, the principle of COB lamps is that small LED chips are tightly packed together, and they work together to produce a very strong light beam. But because they’re actually made up of many small lights, they use less power, which can improve efficiency and even work with less heat than traditional work lights. Sometimes the biggest contributor to light failures and inefficiencies is the heat that can be generated when lights are left on for extended periods. Since there is some space between the small LED chips, they are able to disperse the heat generated by the electric light and increase the durability of the work light.

What is the difference between COB lights and Traditional LED Lights?

Traditional LED lights, also known as SMD LED lights, are currently used in most exhibition lighting worldwide, often using LED bulbs, light strings, and LED strips. The notification lights on our phones are also SMD LED lights. After the previous explanation, you should already know that the SMD light is very bright. In addition, the output power of the SMD light is between 50 and 100 lumens per watt. COB LEDs have 1 circuit and 2 contacts and require multiple channels to produce the color-changing effect. Therefore, COB LED lamps can only effectively provide monochromatic lighting. But at the same time, they are also brighter, more power-efficient, and output a higher quality beam.

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