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5 Reasons Wholesale Solar Light is More Popular in the Last Decade

26 9 月, 2022

Wholesale Solar Light systems have increased in popularity over the last decade for many reasons.  Solar outdoor lighting solutions offer grid security and provide light in areas where grid power is still not available, as well as offer green alternatives to obtain power from the sun.  Solar outdoor lights are becoming the new normal for new construction projects and also are cost savings to replace old electrical underground infrastructure on systems that are failing.  Here are the top five reasons why solar outdoor lighting is becoming more popular in the last decade.

Wholesale Solar Light Grid Security

Failing grid power due to demand, as well as the possibility of attacks and natural disasters, has caused concerns with grid security.  Off-grid, lighting does not rely on the grid power to keep the lights on.


For example, the City of Dania Beach, after getting hit hard by Hurricane Frances, Jeanne, and Wilma, removed all the old grid-powered lighting throughout a large neighborhood and installed off-grid solar lighting systems.  These lights are built to withstand hurricane-force winds to ensure the neighborhood still has lighting, even when the power is out after a storm.

Federal, State, and Local Mandates

Many local cities are now requiring renewable energy to be implemented on all new builds.  This ensures that green mandates are being met while also providing less stress with new additions to the current grid systems.  Off-grid, solar lighting systems can help people and companies meet this requirement.


Federal mandates set forth by the Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 state that all federal facilities should switch to using LEDs to reduce energy while also improving energy security by employing renewable power that operates independently from the electrical utility grid.  This makes off-grid solar lighting systems an ideal solution for these installations.

No Available Power

There are many times when the utility grid is cost prohibitive to acquire or doesn’t exist at all.  This is a great place to install Wholesale Solar Light systems.  Grid extensions can be difficult to trench into certain areas, especially in rural and remote locations.  Off-grid solutions can provide this power extension to almost any remote location that has a nice sunny location.  With correct sizing of the battery backup, the systems should operate under most normal conditions for many years with little to no maintenance.

Green alternatives

More and more companies are looking for ways to use renewable energy to demonstrate green initiatives. By installing Wholesale Solar Light systems at signs, parking lots, entrance roads, etc., they can show how to support the environment while reducing costs. Companies that are satisfied with renewable energy have no problem installing off-grid solar energy systems in places where it is not easy to get electricity, while other companies that want to get involved in renewable energy pools seem to have found a small system, such as a solar sign lighting system, which is a good starting point to understand the working principle of this technology. In any case, every bit helps the environment.

Save money

The cost of off-grid solar lighting systems may shock some people; However, these systems can save a lot of money, sometimes in the short term, and sometimes in the long term. Power trenching may be costly; However, the installation cost can be greatly reduced by simply installing the solar lighting system on the lamp pole.


Another good way to save is that the construction has been restarted recently, but the infrastructure has started to fail. The solar lighting system can replace the faulted grid-connected lighting without disturbing the surrounding area. This allows the installation of replacement parts without redoing other parts.


There are also many federal, state, and local incentives to reduce the ultimate cost of Wholesale Solar Light systems. These incentives are implemented to show technology support and to keep the project within budget. For information on these incentives, please visit www desires。 The organization and information are updated regularly. Pay close attention to the latest situation and new incentives in your region, which can greatly reduce the final cost of the system. Some incentives also apply to installation costs.


The development of Wholesale Solar Light technology provides an opportunity to meet the lighting level that the old technology cannot meet. LED turns off DC voltage and solar energy, and the battery generates energy with DC voltage. This means that solar energy can operate LED lamps with higher efficiency than grid power because there is no loss when converting AC power to DC power to operate LED lamps. With the increase in lumens per watt of LED technology, solar energy has the opportunity to be used in projects with brighter lighting requirements or higher lighting levels for safer road and parking projects.


If these factors in your project may affect your project, a Wholesale Solar Light system may be a good choice. Every year, the cost of this technology is decreasing, making solar energy a mainstream alternative, rather than competing with grid lights, and becoming a more widely trusted and used energy. Talk to your lighting professional about your next project and see if solar energy is viable alternative.-Dowell

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