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We are specialized in OEM and ODM barbecue grill light, Dowell factory has established quite professional and mature design team, so that can meet your different needs!


OEM Barbecue Grill Light From China Supplier

[Super Bright]The barbecue grill light elements 9 high-thickness LEDs. It gives a really splendid and without glare, wide light pillar to enlighten your cooking region so you have no issues cooking whenever of the day.

[Strong Attractive Base and Adaptable Gooseneck]This include permits you to handily mount your light with no establishment devices or details. However long your barbecue is made of an attractive material. The gooseneck is comprised of an adaptable material and can change 360 degrees. The gooseneck is 4.5 inches permitting you to project the light where you need.

barbecue grill light

[water opposition and durability]The light material making this light is an aluminum combination, it is impervious to very warm atmospheric conditions. It is water opposition nature permits you to utilize it during blustery and snow seasons.

[Compact and Multi-Purpose]The barbecue grill light isn’t fixed in one spot. While not utilizing it at the bar-b-que you can utilize it to light different things. It tends to be utilized for trekking, setting up camp, perusing and some other things you would maintain that should do around evening time. Mechanics and experts can likewise utilize it.

Q1: Do you have other kinds of barbecue grill light ?

Yes, we have many other kinds of BBQ lights, feel free to contact us.

Q2: Can you customized brands

Yes, we can. we are specialized in OEM and ODM.

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