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As a lighting factory that has been established for more than 20 years, Dowell focuses on producing a variety of lighting products, including today’s LED Hairband Headlamp. We have never received any negative comments from any customer


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[headlamp and headband 2 in 1] we combine the concept of headlamp and headband as a LED Hairband Headlamp, and use soft and elastic polyester and spandex fabrics, which have sweat absorption and permeability. In summer, water can be absorbed to the surface to achieve rapid drying. For winter, it can warm your ears properly. It is very suitable for outdoor activities such as running, walking in the evening, garbage cleaning, cycling and hiking. It’s even great camping gear.
Led Hairband Headlamp Supplier
[super soft washable headband] the LED Hairband Headlamp is extremely soft and lightweight. It is made of durable woven rope and provides breathable mesh lining. It can be easily stretched to fit all head sizes. It also has incredible softness and low allergy. The LED headband can be cleaned. Just remove the LED lamp and clean the headband. Even if you don’t use LED lights, the headband is comfortable enough to be worn when walking dogs, running, jogging, camping and outdoor activities
Led Hairband Headlamp Supplier
[long term USB charging headband] the battery life is 6 hours in medium mode and 7 hours in high mode. High quality lithium-ion rechargeable battery – easy to charge anytime, anywhere! There is no need to replace the battery and no additional cost.
Led Hairband Headlamp Supplier
[upgraded bright 5 LED lamp and SOS function] the LED cap band provides the ability to see in the dark. The super bright LED lamp provides short-range task lighting and long-distance lighting, and the visibility is up to 72 feet. The waterproof LED headlamp headband has three modes: strong light, weak light, red light and blue light flashing alternately. The flash mode for emergency help provides more safety and confidence for people who like outdoor sports.
Led Hairband Headlamp Supplier
[high energy visibility] the bright LED light on the LED Hairband Headlamp ensures that you can be seen by cars and motorcycles under any weather conditions (such as darkness, rain and fog), so as to ensure your safety when running, jogging and walking your dog.
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