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How To Choose a Better Quality Wholesale LED Strip Light

3 9 月, 2022

Wholesale LED Strip Light is an extremely well known lighting material on the lookout. Numerous purchaser finding quality drove strip light all around the world.We meet then in Canton Fair , HongKong lighting fair ,Frankfurt Lighting+Building fair.

You want to rapidly to check in the fair ,which organization Wholesale LED Strip Light is the right quality Wholesale LED Strip Light.Otherwise you will purchase modest quality drove strip light ,then will make you much problematic.

I will give you 10 hints for how to pick the better quality drove strip light . Trust it is valuable for you .

1.Make in China Wholesale LED Strip Light

Now more than 80-90% of the led strip lights are from China .Of course , some of them make in Europe ,USA,India. But we need a better price led strip light .So Chinese led strip light supplier is a better choose.

2.CE/FCC list

Wholesale LED Strip Light need to CE endorsed for Europe market . Furthermore, FCC endorsed for The United States.This implies the LED strip light provider have some control over the quality. The maker will see all wellbeing and different guidelines forced on the Site by neighborhood regulations.

3.Good quality PCB

The PCB is a vital material for Wholesale LED Strip Light . Presently the better quality PCB is the twofold size 2oz PCB. There are a portion of the better quality drove strip light PCB processing plant in China . Very much like Founder PCB plant , Guozhan PCB industrial facility. Presently to an ever increasing extent.

4.Good Soldering

Driven strip light is collect by LED, PCB,resistance, wires.All this material is binding in the PCB. we really want to check from the outer layer of the drove strip light . Great welding drove stirp , the place of the bind is extremely perfect ,smooth. And every one of the parts are perfectly located.

5.Good Brand LED

Driven strip light is collect by LED, PCB,resistance, wires.So the most significant is the lighting source-LED. We really want to utilize a few decent brands drove chips . Very much like Epistar , Sanan. What’s more, some drove organization , HongLi, Refond. Splendor , variety temperature , CRI this are significant.

6.3M tape

The first 3M tape is vital . Since the drove strip light is fixed by the 3M tape . In the event that not utilize the first 3M tape , the drove strip light perhaps tumble off in the wake of utilizing months.This occur in some client . Lightstec is utilizing top notch 3M 9080A tape.

7.Custom-made color temperature

For various ventures ,custom will have different variety temperature demand. we can propose from 1800k ,2200k,2400k,2700k,3000k,3500k,4000k,4500k, 5000k, 6500k,7500k drove. Also, we can offer CRI>80,CRI>90 item.

8.RGB+W/WW color

In certain activities, client need RGB+White tone/nature white/Warm white tone. This is as indicated by the solicitation of creator. Also, we can offer ordinary rgb regulator, rgbw regulator , DMX regulator for your utilization.

9.Great Wire

Wire is likewise significant of the driven strip light . Utilizing great quality wire . first , the drove strip light will safe . Second ,the voltage will less. We use AWG20 wire for our drove strip light .

10.Heat shrink

Heat recoil is safeguard the wire of the drove strip light. once in a while , the specialist will pull the strip light when they are introducing the drove strip light . So the intensity recoil is safeguard the wire . Furthermore, the intensity contract likewise safeguard the drove strip light when the strip light introduce in the outer layer of the metal. Keep away from hamper the metal.

If you are interested in the wholesale LED Strip, let us know.Dowell is the LED strip Supplier of Action and many other big company.Click here to know more about us!

How To Choose a Better Quality Wholesale LED Strip Light China Manufacturers

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