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Battery Type
Working Time
COB Bike Light
500mAh Li-ion
4 Modes

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Our comet tail cob bike light has a stylish look and can be the perfect accessory for your bike. We can mass-produce packaging according to your requirements, and we can also print your LOGO on the product. As a manufacturer, we can meet your requirements for mass production as much as possible.


Cob Bike Light With 2 SMD And 1 COB

Structure: Our bicycle light adopts a red and white double flashing mode, and the appearance adopts a comet design, which is more beautiful and fashionable. The eye-catching light emitted by COB acts as a safety warning to achieve safer riding. The straps at the rear are used to connect the taillights to the handlebars, and the polymer battery is more durable.
Multifunctional Light: The beam angle of this bike light is wide enough, you can hang this bike light on your belt, running gear, backpack, dog collar, it can make it more safe when you go out at night, it is a The perfect travel accessory.
Installation: Our bicycle light is easy and convenient to install, just snap it on the handlebar or seatpost.

COB Bike Light Trader COB Bike Light With 2 SMDQualified factory and products

Q1: Can this product be customized with our text or brand?
Yes, our product can be customized according to your needs.
Q2: Can you quote for us?
Please contact us,we will quote for you asap.

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