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That is wonderful that you can get all kinds of headlamp from Dowell Factory.Dowell Manufacturer have all kinds of headlamps apart from this kind of COB Headlamp.Like motion sensor light,cap light……


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[COB Headlamp] our best and bright COB Headlamp adopts cob integrated LED module light source, which is durable and stable. The lumen output can reach 1800 lumens and the wide-angle radiation angle is 120 degrees. It is suitable for camping, hiking and outdoor activities. With our rechargeable headlamps, you can have reliable hands-free LED headlamps to illuminate your environment.

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[practical headlights] short press the power button to switch lighting options, high brightness, low brightness or red brightness and red strobe mode. The variable focus headlamp flashlight is the best partner for entertainment, night work, fishing and any other activities that require bright lights.

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[outdoor waterproof headlights] let our COB Headlamp stay on even in rainy or snowy days. There are high-quality silicone cover and leak proof waterproof wiring, all of which create a powerful waterproof function.

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[super long working time] It comes with a large battery box, and three batteries need to be installed (note that the positive and negative poles of the battery are consistent with the “+” and “-” directions in the battery box), which will greatly prolong its working time. In addition, if you lose one or two batteries, it can still work with a single battery.
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