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Battery Type
Working Time
Zoomable COB Flashlight
1*18650 or 3*AAA
Aluminum alloy
Max 1000lm
High-Middle-Low-Strobe-SOS-Side light- Red strobe



Beside normal Led light source products,Dowell also provides all kinds of COB light products like COB Zoomable Flashlight.For normal factories,usually they do not pay too much effort on too many products because a lot of reasons like cash flow,personel effort,production line equippment and so on.But Dowell has indeedly realize that we are able to provide all kinds of light products with good prices and quality!


Ultra Multi-Functional COB Zoomable Flashlight Manufacturer-Made in China-Dowell  About us!


This red COB Zoomable Flashlight is a very basic model of Dowell. It is made of high-density aluminum and is very reliable in quality. Although the appearance is relatively simple, it can not prevent its multi-function.

Zoomable COB Flashlight Manufacturer



COB Zoomable Flashlight has Super 5-Function, high low strobe side light red strobe, which can be used in various scenarios.

Zoomable COB Flashlight Factories

Using the rechargeable battery as the power supply, and stay away from the trouble of buying batteries from now on.

COB Zoomable Flashlight’s  tail is equipped with a powerful magnet, which can meet your various use environments.When you are in a warehouse car, you can put it on the iron frame in the warehouse or directly on the hood of the car where it provide strong and sufficient lighting.

Zoomable COB Flashlight Manufacturers


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