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Customer Led Array, 2 minutes to Quick Learn Factory

15 5 月, 2022

Customer Led Array, What do you know?  

Customer led array, if you are in lighting area, you will get in touch with it quite often.

Whether you are buyers of led products or vendors to sell lighting items, you are unavoidable to face it. If you are buyer, you will ask what type , what is wattage and how about the lumen?  And if you are vendors, you need to fulfill data sheet sent from your customers also regard type, watts, lumen and even more like brand and LM80 report.

Below blog will give you a short introduction on customer led array knowledge. Just spend two minutes to quick view it, and you will have a roughly idea and if you spent another two minutes to memorize it, you can answer many simple questions from anyone else at once.

Definition of Led Array

Led array or mentioned as light emitting diode. Regard for customer led array, we usually point to the ones that can emitting visible lighting spectrum. Its interior structure is one P-N junction. When the electrons in the P-N junction recombine with the holes, the electrons transition from the high energy level to the low energy level, and the electrons release the excess energy in the form of emission photons (electromagnetic waves), resulting in electroluminescence.

Classification of Customer Led Array

By history till now, customer led array will normally classify into three types.

One is Straight plug small power beads. Like straw hat/helmet, round head, concave, oval, square (2*3*4) bullet head and so on. For those traditional lighting always used these versions, and now some flashlight, big torches are also adopted it.

The second one is SMD lead array. Like 3528/5050/2014 are common names. These are widely used in low wattage led lighting products.

The third one is high wattage led array. High wattage led array normally point to wattage more than 0.5w, like 1W/3W/5W/10W/20W/50W/10W, which is also applied in lighting products that need high lumen or need big wattage used outdoor.

Customer Led Array

Customer Led Array

Customer Led Array


Basic data of Led Array

Here would like to give two basic information of led Array, which are brightness and wavelength.

Brightness. Different customer led array has different prices, higher brightness cost much more.  Normal one lumen is around 60-70lm, and 1w red array is like 30-40lm, 1w green array is 60-80lm, 1w yellow array is 30-50lm, and 1w blue array is 20-30lm. We cannot use this to calculate the lighting fixture lumen. Specific items, still need to double check the inside circuit, and also the lead array brands, the led array lens, then can make an evaluation if the product is qualified.

But with this information, we can easily to answer some simple question. E.g., one Netherlands customer asks bike light with blue light. Basic on above information, we can see this blue led bike light will with very low lumen. So, it cannot used as lighting source in dark. I have to tell this important information to customer in case he buys wrong products that cannot sell.

Wavelengths.Wavelengths mean the length of different color of led array emitting. So each lighting color has its own lengths. For white light varies into three sections as warm light (2700k-4000k), natural light (5500k-6000k), cold light(6000k+) . These are main light color for home use light items used in indoor or outdoor lighting items. Like home, most would like warm to make cozy feeling, and for outdoor like 5500k or 6500k to make bright environment.

And for other colors, red light, wavelengths is 600-680nm; blue light, wavelengths is 430-480; green light, wavelengths is 500-580nm.Some need single white light to work as lighting sources, and some will need extra color like RGB, or single red and blue as decorative lights.

This blog gives a brief view of led array,hope you learn something. And we  also have other blogs to bring more led information, like led light equipment, like hot items in 2022, you can click and see more!

And also further Dowell will bring related blog also on led array topic, like more detailed and application topics, welcomed to further attention!


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