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Our led bulb light is suitable for many places, owning this led bulb light will make your room more brighter at night, we can mass produce led bulb light for your brand and we specialize in led bulb light, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or demands


Led Bulb light supplier from China

Energy saving: This 13W led bulb light can replace the 100-125W incandescent light bulb. Using our light bulb is not only more environmentally friendly, but also more energy-saving compared to high-power incandescent light bulbs, and saves more on electricity bills.


Longer life: The advantage of our bulb light is that it can save more energy and it has a longer lifespan. Our bulb light can be used more than 25 times in the case of 100W equivalent.
No stroboscopic: Most bulbs have stroboscopic, glare, and color functions, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, 5000K color temperature can prevent eyes from feeling tired when using, and can effectively protect eyesight.
Simple installation: Our product is very easy to install, you can easily install the bulb into the base of the E26 without any wires or other auxiliary tools, you can install it anywhere such as kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.



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