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How to Import or Wholesale LED Solar Lights from China at a Competitive Price

16 7 月, 2022

Importing Wholesale LED Solar Lights from China is not as difficult as before. If you decide to buy Lamps for home, hotel, office or business, you need to seriously consider Wholesale LED Sloar Lightsmade in China.

Why buy Wholesale LED Solar Lights from China?

There are many lighting equipment manufacturers in China. Their products are exquisite and stable in quality, but the price is relatively low. According to our past experience, the price in China does not exceed 30% of the local price in other countries. These factors make lamps imported from China an attractive choice for most international buyers.

Importing lamps and lanterns from China is not so simple, but if you do research, you will find that if done well, it is a very profitable business decision.

Wholesale LED Solar Lights

Reasons for purchasing Chinese Wholesale LED Solar Lights

1.1 Rent

The Chinese have mastered the art of mass production. China’s Wholesale LED Solar Lights production lines are more organized than most parts of the world. More importantly, Chinese manufacturers can sell their products at a lower price than most of their competitors in the world.

Chinese lamps and lanterns are relatively cheap in China for the following reasons:

  • China has a large population, so it has sufficient human resources for manufacturing, thereby reducing labor costs. They also have a productive workforce, which means lower prices.
  • mass production reduces production costs.
  • e-commerce technology. China may have the best e-commerce technology in the world. This makes it easy for lighting manufacturers to search customers and find them for potential customers, thus reducing marketing costs.
  • superior infrastructure. China’s good infrastructure enables manufacturers to export lamps efficiently and reduce time costs.
  • fierce competition. There are many lighting manufacturers in China, and the competition is fierce. This in turn enables lighting manufacturers to find alternatives to lower product prices.
  • over production rate. There is no doubt that Chinese people really work hard to make their life better than they think.

2.2 Easy Assembly

When buying from China, it is very easy to assemble electric lights at home. It is easy to install and use.


How to buy Wholesale LED Solar Lights from China

So how do you buy lamps from China? This is the biggest concern of importers.

1.1 Research

Before looking for lighting suppliers in China, get ready and look at the prices of local suppliers. This will allow you to compare their products and prices with Chinese suppliers.

Your research will show that the price of LED lamps in China is at least 50% lower than that of your local led supplier. This is the main reason why businessmen are highly interested in buying LED lamps from China.

Based on all the information you have collected, list the types of LED lamps you want to import from China.

Before finalizing your list, please check with the relevant government agencies for some products that may be banned in your list, or these Wholesale LED Solar Lights require special tests on the lights. Ensure that the supplier you choose meets all import requirements.

2.2. Browse Online

Going to China to meet potential LED manufacturers may be expensive and impractical. You may not be familiar with China, nor do you know where to find reliable suppliers. Your best choice is to browse the Internet. This is the fastest and most cost-effective way to find reliable suppliers.


Google is your first choice. You just need to type a clear description of the type of light you are searching for. Add “China” to narrow the search scope to specific suppliers in China.

You need to be clear in your search so that you can find the specific supplier group you are searching for. For example, if you are looking for a solar lamp, type “solar led China”

You can also go to Alibaba. COM, the largest procurement portal for products made in China. They have the most comprehensive list of products and suppliers made in China, and can connect you to thousands of Chinese suppliers.

Most importers prefer Alibaba. COM, many Chinese manufacturers and their products have also been listed in the “made in China” website directory. Generic domain name format.

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Where can I buy Wholesale LED Solar Lights in China?

China’s Wholesale LED Solar Lights industry is centered on Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang; Guangdong and Fujian. These regions account for about 80% of the total number of lighting manufacturers in China. Each of these places specializes in specific types of lighting.


Wholesale LED Solar Lights

Possible problems when importing Wholesale LED Solar Lights from China

The process of importing Wholesale LED Solar Lights from China is relatively easy, but it does bring some problems.

5.1. Quality Problem

Although you certainly hope that the price of lighting equipment imported from China will be as low as possible, experts in this field will tell you that quality is more important than price.

For example, if you find that a supplier provides wholesale led, and its price is far lower than that of most other suppliers, it is worth worrying. Even if this means that your profit market increases, there must be a trap that may destroy your business rather than develop your business.

When importing Wholesale LED Solar Lights from China, the price should not be your only concern.

The quality and safety of lighting Wholesale LED Solar Lights should be your biggest concern. You should choose the right supplier to ensure that these requirements are met.

Many Chinese manufacturers produce high-quality products, especially if they make contracts for Western companies. Unfortunately, many factories will produce any products according to your specifications, but the quality is often poor.

Many Chinese manufacturers are famous for cutting corners in the manufacturing process.

If raw materials are too expensive, they will choose cheap alternatives without considering Wholesale LED Solar Lights safety requirements.

5.2. Pay Attention to Voltage and Plug Type

Most lighting fixtures produced by Chinese manufacturers meet the frequency and voltage requirements of their exporting countries. This specification needs to be clearly stated before production. If you sell to the United States, please specify 120 V, 60 Hz. In the absence of specific instructions, they will produce lighting fixtures that meet 220V, 50Hz, AC electrical standards. Therefore, please ensure that your supplier understands the following lighting requirements:

  • correct voltage
  • collection frequency
  • required certificates

Some countries require local lamp standards, such as SASO in Saudi Arabia, SAA in Australia, CE in the European Union, etc

5.3. Packing

Packaging is an aspect of the manufacturing process that most Chinese suppliers do not pay much attention to. Most of their products are delivered to buyers according to the original packaging and design of the factory.

In other cases, the lighting equipment you ordered will be packed in a box containing the brand and information of other customers. This often happens because they don’t understand the information in the box, which is usually in English.

In this regard, we always require all suppliers to ensure that the packaging is of high quality and that there should be accurate shipping marks outside the packaging. Some expensive items should be packed on wooden pallets, even if the price is a little higher.

5.4. Parts

As we know, many suppliers sell bulbs without bulbs, even if you see samples with bulbs. If you plan to buy bulbs from them, they will charge extra. In addition, you must remind the supplier to ensure that all accessories are complete. Otherwise, you must pay the air freight again.

5.5. Payment

When paying the lighting equipment you ordered to Chinese suppliers, please ensure that you choose from reliable payment methods. This is very important when you are a novice and just start to establish a good business relationship with suppliers.

PayPal is by far the safest and most reliable payment method, but it is always used for small orders, and the service fee is quite high. If you have imported lighting equipment from China for a long time, or plan to import it for a long time, you can choose bank transfer or letter of credit.

On the other hand, like most customers. They come to China to purchase directly and pay a deposit when placing an order. This is the most convenient way to confirm all the details face to face. In addition, if you tell the supplier that if they accept your target price, you will immediately pay a deposit, and the supplier will provide a better discount.

Of course, you must be very careful when paying Chinese suppliers to avoid being cheated. The normal payment method of lighting equipment is to pay a 30% deposit after placing an order (sometimes they ask for a 50% customization fee). If the supplier requires a higher advance payment, or even full payment before production, please be extra careful.

Although most Chinese suppliers are trustworthy, there are also some cheaters in China’s lighting industry.

5.6. Shipping

The shipping method you choose depends on the number of lighting fixtures you order from China. You can choose to work with the freight forwarder or be responsible for logistics yourself.

If your order is large and you are not in a hurry to receive the Wholesale LED Solar Lights, you can choose to ship by sea. If you want to receive your products quickly, air transportation is more suitable, but more expensive.

When you deal with Chinese suppliers alone, the quality control procedures are up to them. You cannot check whether the quality and specifications of lighting fixtures are based on your approved samples. You can only inspect the products after receiving them, which usually takes one to two months for shipping.

What we always do for our customers is to put the lamp and other products in the same container. The first is to protect the goods from damage, and the second is to save more costs.

Today, let’s talk about it for the time being. We suggest that if you are looking for a supplier, Dowell will be your best choice→About us!

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