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Garden light Supplier Give You 3 Advice How To Creat A Perfect Garden?

May 22, 2022

Different Garden Lights From Professional Garden Light supplier

How to make your garden more beautiful at night?

How to make our garden safer and more beautiful, you should use garden lights, it will give you a romantic feeling when we are in the garden, there is a certain method.

When we have a space that is perfect for outdoor dining, we need to think carefully about how to use it, how to walk up the steps on a dark night without tripping, and how not to feel scared in a dark garden, so we definitely need garden lights to decorate it.

There are many types of lights to decorate a bright garden, from string lights to ground lights, or wall lights on the wall. A variety of garden lights can add beauty and drama, while using these garden lights can also eliminate the feeling of fear when you walk in the garden at night.

A string of lights is essential for decorating the garden, providing overhead lighting that is as warm and romantic as the stars

How to decorate a beautiful garden, as a professional ground lighting supplier, we have summarized the following tips for your reference.

  1. Do not use too high lumen garden lights.

In the garden area, we only need lights to illuminate the way you walk, not to create a basketball court for playing at night, and there is no need for over-bright ground lights or work lights to decorate the garden

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  1. Create an optical layer

We can try to separate the layers of light, such as the plants on the ground, we can choose to use RGB light between the plants in the POTS, and higher places, such as trees, the eaves of the pavilion. Use upward lights. This adds contrast and depth to the garden.

  1. Create patterns

Try using hollow-out lanterns that project different spots of light to create a dramatic focal point, which will make the yard feel more spacious. A long projection gives the illusion of increasing area.

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