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Battery Type
Working Time
25,000 hrs



The drove Edison bulbs to produce 4000K light, somewhat cool yet not to an extreme, a decent decision lighting for kitchen, carport, restroom roof light installations. 40 watt same Wholesale LED Bulb: Energy saving, the 4w drove lights to yield 450lm with rare style, ideal trade for E26 40 watt Edison lights. DIMMABLE Wholesale LED Bulb: The fiber bulb is Dimmable, works with 120V tragic wall dimmers, is 10~100% lumen movable, and is viable with most dimmers in the US market. Suggested dimmer models have been recorded in the item portrayal beneath for reference. Long Lifespan Bulb: The drove ST19 bulb has a 25,000 hrs utilization time, enduring multiple times significantly longer than a radiant bulb。 Sodden Rated: reasonable for the restroom, patio lighting, wall light, garden light installation for both indoor and outside, simply recollect don’t open straightforwardly to water.


Great Mood Wholesale LED Bulb

Lighting affects temperament, efficiency levels and buy conduct.

The variety temperature and brilliance of the light you select will influence how individuals move all through a space.

winsaLED 4w dimmable Led light has two variety temperature choices

Wholesale LED Bulb CCT:


2700K has a warm welcoming gleam, reasonable for rooms washrooms; lounge areas; parlors, and furthermore in the business surrounding spaces like eateries.

This kind of light looks somewhat cooler than our classic Edison-style bulbs, yet at the same time feels exceptionally warm.


This is a cooler white. It gives of a bluey more white, more splendid light. Appropriate for circumstances and spots in which great permeability is required. It functions admirably in the kitchen, as you’ll have the option to see the shade of your food obviously. Anyplace where work is being finished can profit from a cooler white like Horizon Daylight, for instance, workplaces, carports, and storm cellars. If you have any desire to be completely conscious and alert in any piece of your home, pick a cooler white.

winsaLED 4w Dimmable Edison Light bulb Widely Application

CRI 90

CRI 90 offers a striking and regular light, showing the normal tones indoors.

Solid and Safe

Really great for sound, no mercury, no UV&IR, no amazing, no strobe. Low-intensity results guarantee 0 gambles of consuming or overheating.

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