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Customized Humidifier Night Light, How to Choose , in Bulks

20 6 月, 2022

Customized humidifier night light,  Suggestion on how to choose!

Customized humidifier night light, how to choose is really a question because now humidifier is everywhere seen and required.

Why we need to buy a humidifier?

First because the air is too dry, long time in office with air conditioner, the working environment is quite dry, which will make working mood impatient. Second, now humidifier is with many functions, it is not only to humid air, and also as function of decoration product. Moreover, nowadays it is also with night lamp, to make extra lighting function.  So, choose a customized humidifier night light in office, home or other leisure places are really good options.

Then how we choose a customized humidifier  night light?

Below are some options on how to choose it.

Capacity. There various capacity, like 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml or even big. When you want to buy this item, you need to check first where you want to use it. If in bedroom, small capacity is enough, and if you in living room, you will need to choose a middle capacity. And if used in big space, and with many people, surely need to choose a big capacity.

Battery supported or adaptor supported.  At the first beginning, it is with adapter supported, and now, there are battery supported, rechargeable, or USB supported. To be honest, I used all these ones, and I think adapter one or USB supported will be steady. If you choose a humidifier night light, you already think first where to use it, and will not change the place quite often.

Light changeable or one light. Factories sell with many functions, and light is one of the selling points. When start the humidifier, the mist arises with the light turn on, it is quite peace, and warm view.  So, I think light is a must to make atmosphere cozy. And there so many lights choices, what shall we do.  Warm light is better for bedroom, and in office cold light and RGB will be better options.  Also, there is extra dimming function, will be great.  Of course we need to check if dimming function add too much cost, based on our knowledge, there will not have big price different that to add one more dimming function.

Checking the noise level.  Some low-quality product probably will have big noise, if you use during sleeping, may disturb the sleeping, if you use during study or working, will not bring peace, or may bring boring feel. So if you buy such product, you need to make compare of the DB data to make sure the one you buy is silent misty.

Pay attention to mist. The mist shall be smoothly spray out and also the fog better is exquisite. Then the environment will not be too dry to too wet. Just balance wetness, then can bring inner peace and focus on what you doing.

We have a lot of humidifier night light, various kinds as below. Retro ones are popular recently, and also moon lamp shape being decorative ones, UFO style as lovely product .What is more, some are traditional ones like flame one, and bamboo looking one. , and also quite economic and portable ones.

This item is really good for self use in home or office, and also can be a perfect gift for your child, friends, or other loved ones. We have a full catalogue of these items.   If you need it, just leave contact, we can send you by email.

So now you will have a slight idea of how to choose a customized humidifier night light,  if you have more options or have other question.  Just feel free to contact us, we will reply you at once we get the message.


Customized humidifier night light


Customized humidifier night light

Customized humidifier night light

Customized humidifier night light

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