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How to Select Wholesale Headlamps

8 1 月, 2023

Some You Should Know Of Wholesale Headlamps

Beam Of Wholesale Headlamp Type: Suitable for reading, up-close repair work, and general camp tasks. Flood beams rarely project light over a significant distance.

Narrow, focused, or a spot: The best way to see far away is through this narrow beam. When it comes to navigating a trail at night, this is typically the better option.

Wholesale COB headlamp

Flood/Spot: The most adaptable headlamps are adjustable ones.

Wholesale Headlamp Light Output (Lumens) A light source’s total output of light in all directions is measured in lumens, a unit of measurement. A light with a higher lumen count typically uses more energy than a light with a lower lumen count.

So, the wholeslae headlamp is brighter the more lumens it has? Yes, usually, but not always. The utilization of those lumens can be affected by the headlamp manufacturer’s ability to focus and direct the light.

Beam Distance of a wholesale Headlamp The primary function of a headlamp is to direct light toward a specific location. The distance (in meters) that a headlamp can project light that can be used is tested. Headlamp beam distance indicates how far a headlamp travels (to a surface you wish to be illuminated), whereas lumens indicate how brightly a headlamp glows at its source.

wholesale headlamp

Headlamp Run Time This information tells you how long your wholesale headlamp will last after it has been fully charged. However, the headlamp industry has recently started changing how this is measured, so if you compare two headlamps, you might see some numbers that are hard to understand. This is why: At 2 meters, manufacturers once measured a headlamp’s run time until it no longer produced usable light—the light of a full moon.

As the point at which a light’s run time comes to an end, the new standard uses 10% of the light’s original brightness. Under the old standard, for instance, a 350-lumen headlamp might have a 40-hour lifespan. However, the same headlamp might only last for two hours under the new standard. Even though the illumination level is reduced, it should still provide an additional 38 hours of illumination.) Therefore, if you find two headlamps that appear to be similar but have drastically different run times, one of them may not have been tested with the new standard yet.

With batteries included, the majority of headlamps weigh less than 7 ounces and are comparable in size. Until you start looking at some models with very high power outputs, you won’t notice any significant differences in the size and weight of the headlamps. Top straps and external battery packs on some add weight. These models aren’t meant for everyday adventures but rather for specific needs like climbing.

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