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Led Arrays- 2 Points -More Knowledge

May 22, 2022

Led Arrays, what can you know more ?

Affect the lumen depreciation.

Do you also have such experience, when you buy a bulb, and at the beginning the bulb lighting is strong, and after several months, the light is a bit dark, is not as strong as the start buying. Why so?  We have to mention one key factor that is lumen depreciation.   

Lumen depreciation is stated as the loss of lumen output over a period of time in any given lamps. It is not like a lamp broken down or burnt out, it is like 100lm lamp, when used for some time, the lumen decreased to 50lm, so 50lm is a depreciation.

Led arrays play an important role in lumen depreciation. In one product, mostly is consisted of many led arrays, if one  is broken, if inside circuits are in series, the whole lamp cannot light on, you need to replace the bad ones. and if the circuits are in parallel lines, the lamp can still work, but light is darker compared beginning one. 

led array

CRI of led arrays becomes more important nowadays.

CRI is short name of color rendering index, and it is ability of light source on the object.  So the CRI is higher, it can more real to affect the object color. 100% CRI is the best, which is existed in traditional lighting fixates. And led products CRI with 70, 80 are quite common. If need to make above 90, need very good led array, need higher cost.

If for table lamps, or lighting products in reading room, better choose higher CRI, which can protect better of eyes.





Hope above two points can help you know about led arrays, and if you want know some basic knowledge, you can refer to our other blogs named Two minutes to Quick Learn Led Array knowledge.

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