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LED Lights Supplier Tell You The difference between T5 T8 and LED bulb

26 6 月, 2022

Advice To Choose T5 T8 and LED Bulb From LED Lights Supplier

Led lights supplier tell you how to choose products with T5  T8 lamp bulbs If it is the same product, only the lamp beads are different, then if you don’t need high lumens, choose T8 lamp beads, and if you need higher lumens, choose T5 lamp beads. In terms of price, T5 lamp beads are more expensive than T8 lamp beads, but compared with other aspects such as maintenance cost, the cost of T8 is more economical than T5, and it is more suitable for residential, industrial or commercial applications. About LED bulbs On the other hand, T8 and T5 lamps may be relatively cheap at the beginning, but later, LEDs are more cost-effective and cost-effective.

T5 T8 and LED BULB Energy-saving LED bulbs: As an led lights supplier we can tell you compared with T8 and T5, LED bulbs are more suitable for offices. LED bulbs can save energy consumption of bulbs, and can also illuminate a certain range of space. LEDs have a longer lifespan, and the lifespan of LED lamps is two to four times that of ordinary fluorescent lamps LED bulbs are more cost-effective: LED bulbs can be more expensive at first but are more cost-effective in terms of maintenance and energy later LED lamps are more environmentally friendly: LED bulbs do not contain mercury, while fluorescent lamps contain mercury which is harmful to the skin and pollutes the environment.

T5 T8 and LED BULB

If you have any questions about LED lamps or T5 T8 and LED bulb, you can contact us at any time, we are professional wholesale lamps and can provide you with a large number of products and questions including different products.

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