4 Pack LED Pull Tent Light from Direct Factory

Battery Type
Working Time
LED Pull Tent Light
12 AAA batteries
150 Lumen
On- Off

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This LED pull tent light has 50000 production capacity, so we can delivery goods to you very fast within 25 days.


Professional vendor for LED Pull Tent Light in China

Novelty: This new type of camping lamp can be hung in the tent for lighting, which is convenient and convenient to use. You can control the lamp by pressing the switch on the long rope.

Small and light: only 65G after input battery. You can easily store it in a backpack or trunk, and it’s perfect for all night outings, as well as an emergency light.

Perfect gift: This lamp is perfect for giving as a gift. High lumen and long discharge time are enough to meet the brightness requirement. They can be applied to camping, hiking, emergencies.

Low MOQ and fast delivery.

More discount can be get for more order.

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LED Pull Tent Light

LED Pull Tent Light

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