Wholesaler Magnetic Flexible Flashlight Supplier from China-Dowell

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Dowell factory ultra strict QC team is always working on guarantee the highest quality in the industry which makes our Magnetic Flexible Flashlight have no complaint amoung our customer!


Wholesaler Magnetic Flexible Flashlight Supplier from China-Dowell

Made of high-quality materials, high-quality aluminum alloy and led, it is durable, rust proof and lightweight

Magnetic Flexible Flashlight Manufacturer

Flexible telescopic neck design, which can be extended and bent, is used for lighting where ordinary flash lamps cannot reach

Wholesale Magnetic Flexible Flashlight
A magnet is installed on the end and the lamp cap, which can be connected to the metal surface for illumination to release or search for small metal objects

Magnetic Flexible Flashlight factories
Mini pen design with clip can be put into pocket for easy carrying. The anti slip handle is more comfortable to use

Wholesaler Magnetic Flexible Flashlight
It is suitable for various purposes, especially for checking narrow gaps, corners, corners, etc

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