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Our factory not only provide all kinds of battery-operated lights but also many kinds of DC/AC light like above Metal Desk Lamp。


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💡 2 in 1: you can stand alone or use an adjustable C-clip to clamp it on any vertical or horizontal plane with a maximum width of 2 inches. Schools, dormitories, offices, bedrooms and other places

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💡 Flexibility: illuminate a large area and move its position through an elastic spring balance adjusting arm that can extend to 18 inches, as well as a rotatable base and sunshade

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💡 High quality: the lamp stands firmly due to the heavy weight of the base. The rocker arm and lampshade are made of solid metal with black finish, which is durable and beautiful. The power plug is UL certified and safe to use

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💡 User friendly: its slim shape and 51 inch power cord mean you can put it anywhere without taking up too much space. Easy to use rocker switch ensures daily use

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Qualified factory and products

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