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16 10 月, 2022

Redone electric lamp zoom capability

The construction of custom electric lamp should be changed, which is more confounded, and there should be a reasonable focal point. For MOQ and test charge, kindly contact the sales rep for nitty gritty data.

Tweaked custom electric lamp power framework structure

Connector batteries for altered spotlights, just lithium batteries, just AA, AAA batteries, or viable with both

The electric lamp battery limit can be redone, and batteries of various limits can be arranged by client needs

The electric lamp charging strategy can be redone. It very well may be straightforwardly charged utilizing the usb miniature point of interaction or the sort c point of interaction, or it tends to be intended to take out the battery and utilize the battery charger to charge it.

custom electric lamp

Altered custom electric lamp wick

The default wicks utilized by different items can be changed to CREE drove wicks

Redone spotlight splendor

Changing the splendor can broaden the life by lessening utilization or animate the most extreme ability to build the brilliance

Modified custom electric lamp gear

To switch the electric lamp gear, you can pick at least one of these modes: Solid, Medium, Frail, Strobe, and SOS. Switching the gear requires changing the circuit and composing the program independently.

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Custom Electric Lamp Appearance

Traditional shell tones like dark, orange, red, yellow, green, and so on can be made, or various materials can be utilized for the shell. For extraordinary shapes, you can contact the business for help.

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