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We specialize in OEM and ODM of RGB strip lights, we can produce the products with your brand, whether you need to design by yourself or we help design, we will always provide the best service to meet your need


OEM 5V RGB Strip Lights Maker

USB power supply: The strip lights can work at a voltage of 5V. It only needs to be charged by the USB of the TV, and this RGB strip lights can be turned off or turned on with many TVs. Of course, you can also use a mobile power supply to turn it on. Easy to carry outdoors.

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Function: You can choose different backlight colors and adjust the brightness of RGB strip lights that suits you best, so as to reduce eye fatigue when using, it will not cause dry eyes, and avoid headaches and other problems at the same time.

RGB Strip Lights maker
Flexible and simple installation: our RGB strip lights can be installed in different places, don’t worry about the length of this lamp is too long, the cutting is convenient and flexible, you can choose to place it in the terrace and other places
Remote control: You can use the 24-key remote controller to adjust the color or brightness of the LED strip, no need to go into the adjustment, simple and convenient.

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Q1:Can you produce products with our brands?
Yes, we can produce products with your products, we specialize in OEM and ODM.
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Leave your contact information, we can recommend the products you need according to the latest market trends.


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