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Battery Type
Working Time
4500 mAh LI-battery



We have many kinds of flashlight, dowell Processing plant is trading a great many Press Power Electric lamp to world wide,most of them are offered to Europe.others are offered to the USA where the standard solicitation of the items are truly severe.


OEM Flashlight Supplier From Supplier

【USB Charging Spotlight and USB Result Port】This USB battery-powered Drove spotlight electric flashlight is outfitted with a USB input/yield port. You can accuse the brilliant spotlight of your power bank/vehicle charger/PC and so forth. You can likewise utilize this searchlight to charge your brilliant gadgets. With redesigned chip and circuit plan, this Drove spotlight has over-charge assurance, over-release security and over-voltage insurance, making it more straightforward to utilize.


【long time LIFE and As long as 12 HOURS WORKING】This strong Drove flashlight electric lamp has a high lumen spotlight life expectancy of as long as 120,000 hours with high intensity dissemination and updated worked in 8000mAh battery-powered ATTERY. High power spotlight electric lamp can labor for 10-12 hours after one full charge.

【4 Lighting Modes and Wide Application】This strong battery-powered searchlight has 4 lighting modes: high/medium/low/strobe. You can without much of a stretch change the method of the spotlight by squeezing the switch button. At the point when additional splendor is required, the spotlight can be placed into low mode to save power. Strobe mode can unnerve fiendish creatures or make ready impact if there should be an occurrence of crisis. This spotlight is appropriate for setting up camp, climbing, fishing, cycling, night strolls, undertakings, blackouts, crises, and so on.

【Power Indicator】With 3 power show lights, you can monitor the force of the great lumen spotlight electric lamp whenever. Additionally, the pointer light will be on, you can check whether the spotlight is completely energized during charging, and turn off it in time.

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