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5 6 月, 2022

ODM Led Strip, more knowledge, definition and classification!

Regard led strip,  people have no much idea about it,  because people do not get in touch of it frequently, and also this product is hidden in home, we can only see the light. But when do home decoration,  we will always find it in the decoration list.


What is led strip, do you need ODM led strip ? As picture shows below,  shape of it is like a ribbon, and the main consist part is  led array, so that is why called this name.

When it is power supplied, it will light up.  Also because this product with many functions, it is widely applied in many areas. If you want to know more information, you can refer to our blog also  related to ODM led strip.

ODM led strip


How many kinds do you know about it? We can usually classify led strip or say ODM led strip  in following ways.

Voltage, there are high voltage 230V, and low voltage 12V or 24V.

Usage environment, there are IP65, IP44 or IP20, which is with 3M as adhesive tape. Indoor often uses IP20, and outdoor, needs IP65 with water-proof.


ODM led strip


Degree of flexibility, here have hard board strip and soft board strip, to make ODM led strip meed your need.

Led array types.  Main kinds are 2835/3528/5050/3014. And this can be judged by the outlook sizes. Like 2835, size is 2.8mm (length)x3.5mm(width)×0.8mm(thickness).

ODM led strip

Light color. Exist warm light, natural light, cold light, RGB version and also has stepless dimming light. Like in bedroom, more use warm light, and in living room, more is dimming light can change the light, also in TV strip, more adopts RGB version.

ODM led strip

Wattage. Regard led strip, wattage is among 3-12W per meter, it is chosen based on where to use it.  If need bright light, then requires higher wattage, otherwise no need, just normal wattage is OK.

So if you further need to choose led strip, you will have some basic information, and you can have a  slight judgement of which kind you shall buy.


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