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We specialize in OEM and ODM, we have rich export experience of LED blue bulb light, we specialize in wholesale light source products in large quantities, and can set various brands and LOGOs on the products according to the requirements of customers, if you have any needs, please feel free to contact us


Led Blue Bulb Light Trader In China

High Quality: Our LED blue bulb light material is made of high-quality PC and aluminum materials, which can emit blue light, with a lumen of up to 100lm, which can show fantastic light and a perfect atmosphere, safe and reliable.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Our LED blue bulb light has low enough power consumption, but enough brightness. It only needs to use 1W of power to emit 10W of equivalent brightness, which can save more electricity bills, and the average service life is as high as 10,000 hours. The blue light emitted at the same time is suitable for many places, such as this bulb can be used during festivals, and it is also suitable for many places, and this bulb can also be used in various places. Adds a touch of more comfort with excellent color rendering, no flickering, no humming.

Installation : our LED bule bulb light can be directly installed on the base of E26 or E27, just need to gently condense the bulb into the base to complete the installation, which is simple and convenient.

Led Ble Bulb Light traderCustomed LED Blue Bulb Light

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We specialize in light source products, you can contact us at any time for more product information.
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We have rich export experience, export to most countries in the world

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