OEM Straight Rose Table Lamp Tricolor Supplier From China

Battery Type
Working Time
Straight rose table lamp tricolor
1500mAh Li-Battery



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Straight rose table lamp tricolor From China

Straight rose table lamp tricolor – – The new idea jewel configuration is a straightforward and present day extravagance experience. It sparkles like a precious stone without losing its legacy, and its shape is little and lovely.

Basic Plan: – – The entire table lamp tricolor is made of acrylic material, with clear lines and smooth lines, and a straightforward plan. The square lattice cut mirrors the light and shadow like jewels, showing enchanting light impacts.

Straight Rose Table Lamp Tricolor

Design APPEARANCE: – – Utilizing exceptional 3D innovation, the 3D impact resembles a precious stone. The refraction precious stone straight rose table lamp tricolor is splendid and beautiful, extremely pragmatic. The perfect precious stone table lampshade embraces jewel slice surface to show the flawless personality, improve your parlor and make an agreeable and heartfelt environment.

3 LIGHT Tones CAN BE Picked AS YOU LIKE: – – Three light variety temperatures, with a touch switch configuration, cozy and helpful, the light is sensitive, agreeable and regular, and safeguards the strength of you and your loved ones.

WIDE APPLICATION: – – This bedside light is entirely appropriate for room, parlor, lounge area, concentrate on room, make room, hall, storeroom, lodging, office, and so on.

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