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Outdoor Camping Running Light
Rechargeable Lithium Battery
COB high- COB low- strobe- XPE high- XPE low

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With short 20 days lead time, our factory can delivery the outdoor camping running light to you within 25 days. If you have special demand, our team can provide OEM and ODM for you.


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Multi-function: This outdoor camping running light has five functions :COB high- COB low- Strobe- XPE High- XPE LOW. Various functions can better meet the different needs of users. Whether you’re camping, hiking, biking, fishing, or working near your garage, this lamp is handy.

Induction: There is an induction device on the right side of the headlamp. You can turn on or off the LED headlamp by waving your hand next to the induction device. When your hands are dirty or inconvenient, you just need to wave induction instead of pressing the switch.It’s very convenient.

Super brightness: Compared to a normal headlamp, this lightweight headlamp can illuminate more areas, making it safer and clearer to see in the dark.

Built-in battery: This outdoor camping running light  builtin rechargeable battery. The charging cable is a TYPE-C USB charging cable. Headlights are also equipped with adjustable and retractable headbands, which can be adjusted to the right size according to different headgirders. Get price here!


Best price–equiped with all kinds of certificate that needed.

Fast delivery– with 50000 units production capacity and 20days lead time.

OEM and ODM is welcome– professional support can be provided.



Outdoor Camping Running Light

Outdoor Camping Running Light

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