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How to Pick the Right Wholesale Outdoor Lighting

10 12 月, 2022

A quick guide to help you choose the best outdoor lighting for your next project!

Decorative or functional Wholesale Outdoor Lighting?

What purpose serves Wholesale Outdoor Lighting? Are they meant to set the tone for the facade of the house or office and serve as decorative outdoor lights? Are they there to add visual interest to the building’s facade or to let in real light?

Lanterns, modern and contemporary shapes, and LED strips are examples of decorative lights. Wall lights, post lights, bollard lights, guide lights, and other types are available. It’s a good idea to look around online to get a feel for the various styles. Here, you can find the outdoor lighting collection from

Is the light more useful in general? With LED technology making floodlights much smaller than they were in the past when they had to hold a large light bulb, functional does not have to mean ugly. Floodlights and bulkhead lights are examples of functional lights. Particularly, bulkhead lights are available in a wide range of designs and finishes to match most decors. Most security lights are floodlights or bulkhead lights with a motion sensor, and some now come with cameras.

Carefully select the level of light

Take a look at our Lumens & Lighting guide to see the equivalent output of an LED bulb if you, like me, are of the old school that measured Wholesale Outdoor Lighting output in watts. The best approach is a “zoned” one; Zone 1: outdoor wall lights for the main building and entrances, Zone 2: pathway lights, accent or task lights (like around a barbecue or seating area), and Zone 3: mood lights like garden lights placed within flower borders. Then, these can be controlled with smart lighting controls, a dimmer, or a wall switch. When using a zoned or layered approach, opting for slightly more lights overall works well because they can be easily divided into just one or two zones, which can produce a pleasing effect.

Bulkheads make a more quelled impact around passageways, we wouldn’t advocate placing floodlights in these and other public regions as the glare can be exceptionally cruel. Floodlights are better sited away from the house illuminating the remote regions. Floodlights can also be used to illuminate large facades and walls or as a security light.

Choose the bulb’s color.

Homes typically have exteriors that are cool white, while commercial buildings typically have exteriors that are warm white Wholesale Outdoor Lighting. However, this can vary based on the exterior’s color and design. Depending on the plants and flowers in the garden, different color bulbs can be beneficial. Please take a look at the color temperatures of lightbulbs for additional information.

How will control of Wholesale Outdoor Lighting be accomplished?

Simple switches that are either inside the house or weatherproof outside.

Naturally by means of nightfall to a sunrise photocell, perhaps likewise including a clock to control how long the lights are on for.

PIR sensors activate the lights for a brief period of time when they detect movement.

Wirelessly controlled smart lighting that can be controlled with a smartphone or keypad is great for creating various effects. Without installing a lot of wiring, or individual lights, a few, or all of the lights can be turned on.

IP Ratings

Every manufacturer will give an IP rating, like “IP44,” for example. The first number indicates entry of dust, and the second number indicates entry of water. The second number should be no less than 4 for lights that are mounted outside. Please refer to our IP ratings guide for additional details.

Coastal Areas

The presence of salt in the air makes coastal areas harsh environments for anything containing corroding metal. Plastic, polycarbonate, or marine-grade stainless steel ought to be used for the exterior Wholesale Outdoor Lighting. Don’t buy the cheapest plastic because it won’t hold up in this environment.

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How to Pick the Right Wholesale Outdoor Lighting

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