3+4 Lights Modes Powerful Camping Flashlight Direct Factory

Battery Type
Working Time
Powerful Camping Flashlight
3 Lithium Polymer batteries
Aluminum Alloy+ ABS
1200 lm
50%- 70%- 100%- red strobe- bkue strobe- SOS

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For this powerful camping flashlight, we have 50000 production capacity. We can delivery goods to you within 25 days. If you need OEM and ODM, our professional team can support.


Wholesale Powerful Camping Flashlight in Ningbo

High brightness: This powerful camping flashlight has high lumen. Large wide Angle has large irradiation range, and can illuminate half a football field. It’s ideal for camping, night work, etc.

Multi-function: Two front and rear heads of this flashlight can easily switch between low, medium and strong brightness modes. Emergency lights with red and blue strobe lights and SOS mode can be used for outdoor help.

Input & Output: Provides Input and output functions. Rechargeable USB Flashlight can be charged via USB cable (included).  The emergency flashlight has a USB output that can be used as an emergency power source to charge external electronic devices.

Power display: The current power consumption can be known by the charging indicator. The blue light flashes when charging. When fully charged, the blue indicator lights up.

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Powerful Camping Flashlight

Powerful Camping Flashlight

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