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Some Suggestions About How To Select Garden Lights from Professional Garden Lights Supplier

14 5 月, 2022

Professional Garden Lights Supplier Give Suggestions As Below:

People’s recent lifestyle changes like sustainable development. Renewable energy has become the choice of most people. In terms of floor lamps, many people prefer solar floor lamps. We are a professional led lights supplier, we can give you the following suggestions before buying garden lights.

Types Of Garden Lights

There are many kinds of choices to decorate your garden. Cause we are professional garden lights suppliers, you can choose to garden lights for your garden, or choose to hang light strings on trees. Of course, you can also choose to install floodlights on the wall of the garden. Your choice depends on the area you want to illuminate. Choosing solar energy is more energy-saving and environment-friendly than choosing dry cell lamps, and you don’t have to worry that the lamps can’t be used because of insufficient power.

Brightness Of Garden Lights

As a professional garden lights supplier, we pay attention to every detail of products. And lumen is also an important point of garden light. Solar lamps are usually low lumens, so it is necessary to check the brightness before buying. Maybe you want a high-lumen solar garden light, but in fact, what you buy is a decorative solar lamp rather than a specially illuminated solar lamp. Usually, the color temperature of 3000K is warm yellow light, 5000K is neutral light and 7000K is white light.


Professional garden lights supplier not only focus on lumen but also focus on battery, There are four kinds of batteries used in battery lamps: lithium battery, nickel-hydrogen battery, lead-acid battery and nickel-chromium battery. Among these batteries, the lithium-ion battery with the largest capacity and the smallest volume is preferred.

Solar Panel

There are three types of solar panels for ground lamps, and the price of these solar panels will be different due to different effects. The best is monocrystalline silicon panel, but this one is expensive. The second is polycrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon solar panels. Compared with monocrystalline silicon panels, the price of these two solar panels is relatively low, but the conversion effect will be relatively poor.

Professional Garden Lights Supplier From Dowell

For the above basic factors, let’s recommend some better garden light

1. Custom Outdoor String Garden Light With 10 Bulbs From China Trader

Our outdoor garden lamp can be hung anywhere you want , because it has enough length, and the combination of different lamps and soft rubber wires will have more unexpected effects

ODM Outdoor String Garden Light

2.Bespoke Solar Power Crakle Ball Light Service

This nickel chromium battery uses ABS and glass materials. Low lumen makes this product more warm in the garden.

Solar Power Crakle Ball Light With Warm light
Solar Power Crakle Ball Light With Warm light

3.Private Label Garden Flame Light Company

This floor lamp is composed of 12 led beads, emitting the light of flame. The lamp body is made of PP, which is very suitable for installation on both sides of the garden path. While decorating the garden, it also lights up the way home.

oem Garden Flame light

If you want to know more about other high-quality products, please click here and we will show you more products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to serve you

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