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How to Do China Quality Control Inspection to Reduce Wholesale Solar Lights Risks

2 8 月, 2022

How To Do A Quality Inspection Of Wholesale Solar Lights To Chinese Suppliers

Many wholesale solar lights suppliers can’t be allowed to go to the factory for quality inspection due to the Covid-19 outbreak, how to do a quality inspection to reduce wholesale solar lights risks? please follow the steps below, you will get some good ideas to reduce the risk.

Wholesale solar lights (2)

First: no on-site quality inspection

If the quality inspection of wholesale solar lights cannot be carried out on the spot due to epidemic prevention reasons, then the supplier must send bulk samples for inspection. Of course, if the quality of the wholesale solar lights is still not released, you can also choose to conduct a video inspection. Start a video and let the on-site instructor guide and press the goods, so that you can feel more at ease before the goods are shipped.

Second: The supplier is the first wholesale solar lighting products

If it is the first time producing solar lights, there will be many uncertain factors and risks of wholesale solar lights. In most cases, it is necessary to arrange a third-party inspection in advance or arrange an inspection by an inspector in an office in China. Of course.

If you have a lot of uneasy points, you can conduct a pre-production sample inspection before choosing production. Pre-production inspection helps to control whether the quantity and quality of raw materials meet the relevant product specifications. If it is a new supplier, this one step is necessary.

Then in the mid-production stage, the mid-production inspection is to strictly check the quality during the production process. This step is extremely effective for finding quality problems when producing products. It can also be arranged to inspect the goods when the goods are 10-15% complete so that if there are problems, they can be corrected in time.

Arrange the in-production inspection, at the completion stage, carry out bulk cargo inspection, random sampling and defect inspection according to relevant standards and procedures. After a series of processes, you can arrange bulk cargo shipments with confidence.

LED Light

Third: The supplier has wholesaled solar lights

If the supplier has cooperated, has wholesaled solar light products, and has rich export experience, you do not need to pay close attention at this time, unless the wholesale product order amount is very high, or the product has changed.

Fourth: defective rate

When wholesale solar lamps, the existence of defective products cannot be avoided, but a reasonable range of defective products is acceptable. If you cannot tolerate a defective product rate of 2% or higher, you need to raise this issue before production. , inform the supplier and have them prepare excess spare parts. When the final product is finished, the defective rate should be controlled by 2%.

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