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Top 5 Picks for Camping Lights from Best Supplier

9 6 月, 2022

Recommendation for LED Camping Lights

When discussing basic camping equipment, in addition to food, water, and tents, we will definitely consider lighting when camping at night. Many times our happiest times are spent when night falls. At night there will be bright stars, moments of conversation, and, of course, the inevitable danger and harm in the dark. Therefore, it is very important to choose a camping lamp that is powerful and meets your needs. Sometimes we worry about not being able to find camping lights that meet our needs. Fortunately, there are more and more camping lamp styles on the market today, many of which can have a variety of functions. As a quite professional manufacturer of LED camping lights, Dowell would like to recommend our top 5 picks for camping lights to you.

1. POP up camping lantern      Shop now!

This camping light is a classic among classics, it can be freely retracted to save space to the greatest extent, and it can also be used to adjust the amount of light in this way to better meet the needs. The size is about 85*128mm/68*95mm. It is made of HIPS. And the lumen is about 300.


2. 3 in 1 LED light

This 3-in-1 LED light looks quite cute. The size is about 150*130*85mm, so it is still quite light. It was made of ABS+PS.

Also, it can still offer you 3 modes including SMD 100%-50%- 3w LED.
camping lights supplier

3. Retro style camping light

This vintage-style light is our newly-released product.  The appearance is really attractive and it’s very suitable for taking photos. It has stepless dimming mode including Imitation of tungsten filament lamp on-off 100-10LM, SMD ON-OFF 120-25LM, and Turn on together 220-35LM.

camping light suppliers

4. Pop-up Flame camping light     Shop now!

This flame camping light is quite similar to the first one. But this may a little bit cooler than the last one because of its plus special flame light function. It only weighed 360g. You can handle it easily. Also, it can be hung up with its hooks.



5. Rechargeable Anti-Mosquito lamp

The last camping light we’d like to recommend is this rechargeable anti-mosquito lamp. As there are often a variety of annoying little bugs in the wild, it will help a lot to use this lamp. The bulb is 3W COB and the size is 13.5*8.5*8.5cm. The lamp mode can be changed from high to low. And the runtime can be 6hrs to 10hrs. You can basically use these camping lights all night.

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