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With more than 20 years Led production experience,Dowell factory believe that we can offer you the most competitive price on Sensor headlamp.


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USB charging: it only takes a few hours to fully charge from any USB port. One charge can provide up to 6 hours of charging time in full brightness mode. Including  micro USB charging cable

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Upgrade motion sensor: in motion sensor mode, this rechargeable headlamp can be turned on / off by waving, which is more practical in three lighting modes: full brightness, dim and stroboscopic mode

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Lightweight comfort: weighs only 2. 47 Oz, ideal for runners and outdoor adventurers. Detachable, washable and adjustable headband is comfortable for adults and childrenSensor Headlamp manufacturers


Multi-function: This 45 degree adjustable Sensor Headlamp allows you to shine light directly where you need it freely. Suitable for all kinds of night activities: hiking, hunting, fishing, mountaineering, camping, dog walking, jogging, running, exploration and repair

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Ipx-4 waterproof and durable: the waterproof grade of this Sensor Headlamp is ipx-4 and can withstand water droplets. Prevent splashing or spraying water from any angle. Use in snow, rain and emergency situations


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Qualified factory and products

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