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Our silicone bicycle light has many modes, we can design the package according to your requirements. Produce your own products for you


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Simple installation: Our silicone bicycle light is easy to install, it only needs to be completed in a few seconds, no need to add any tools and equipment, add a light to your bicycle, backpack, helmet, making you safer when you travel .
Material: This silicone bicycle light use silicon alloy material, which is wear-resistant, shock-proof and waterproof. You don’t have to worry about the product falling back to damage.
Visibility: Our bike light has high lumen and three modes at the same time, which can be clearly seen in the morning fog, dusk and night. It is also easy to see you in unexpected places half a mile, which helps others see you.

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Q1:Can you produce products with our brands?
Yes, we can produce products with your products, we specialize in OEM and ODM.
Q2:Can you quote for us?
Please click here to get quotation.

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