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Dowell is a factory specializing in the production of various lighting products. As the best ceiling light series we sell, this T8 Light Tube is deeply loved by various consumers.


Professional 108 Celing Light T8 Light Tube Supplier From China-Dowell

✔ Energy saving

produce 1000 lux equivalent to 24 watt fluores

cent bulbs. It is the best choice to reduce electricity charges by 60%. It is suitable for general lighting in garage, storage area, workbench, basement, family, under cabinet and office.


✔ Reasonable design

the frosted cover is used to prevent glare and protect the eyes, and improve the appearance of the product by making the color look clear and vivid. The aluminum shell provides good insulation performance, and the white inner wall improves the light effect by reflecting light.

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✔ Safe and reliable

RoHS, CE and FCC certification. Each product has been strictly tested and has a service life of 50000 hours. Safe choice, no flicker, no ultraviolet, no buzzing ballast, no harmful substances.

T8 Light Tube Supplier
✔ Easy installation:

please remove or bypass the existing ballast and starter before installation. T8 Light Tube with G13 base is easy to install in traditional lamps and can better replace fluorescent downlight.


Dowell Qualified factory and products

Qualified factory and products

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