DOWELL solar light utilizes the working principle of solar green energy. According to this principle, sunlight is converted into electricity during the day through photovoltaic technology, also known as solar panels.

This energy is safely stored in an integrated battery, which ensures adequate lighting at night through efficient LEDs, even in cloudy weather forecasts. This powerful stand-alone solution is designed for a sustainable future in rural and urban areas.


Strong R & D

Reliable Product



DOWELL LED light equipped with advanced technology in the world


We have never stopped research and exploration on solar street light technology

Light Source

Dowell produces high-quality light bulbs and lamp beads. We also has close cooperation with world-famous lamp bead factories, such as OSRAM and Cree, which enables the lamps produced by Dowell to reach lumens far beyond the industry level. Whether it is for domestic use or industrial lighting, the lamps produced by Dowell can be perfectly competent.

Production Equipment

Dowell's self-developed fully automated, dust-free, and unmanned intelligent workshop does not require any manual operation. At the same time as 24-hour high-speed production, it can maximize the stability of product quality control and the timeliness of delivery. No matter how many orders you place, Dowell will be the fastest to complete the production task for you in the lighting industry.


We can not only provide AA / AAA batteries of various quality, but also the Li (NiCoMn) O 2 battery pack used in the production of rechargeable lamps is far more than the lithium battery on the market. The battery has overcharge and discharge protection, low voltage protection, temperature protection, etc. the fully sealed battery box is waterproof, dustproof, and heat insulation in summer and heat insulation in winter.

PCB board

All the lamps use high-quality and high-precision PCB boards independently developed. The excellent product design capability enables the lamps to have a variety of practical and ultra-high functions, such as 10-12m infrared motion sensor induction lighting, stepless dimming, and automatic power saving sleep mode after 30s and so on.


Solar lamps produced by Dowell will use the world brand A-level monocrystalline silicon solar panels, and the conversion rate of solar panels can reach 30% ~ 40%.


Our R & D team goes all out for the R & D and production of each lamp. At the same time, Dowell has close cooperation with world-famous testing and factory inspection institutions. Almost all our products have CE / RoHS certificates issued by CNAs certification institutions.

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