USB Rechargeable Headlight with 3 Heads Supplier from China

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With more than 20 years Led production experience, and specilaized in Dowell factory believe that we can offer you the most competitive price on Sensor headlamp.


USB Rechargeable Headlight With 3 Heads Supplier From China

The directrechargeable headlight is a Top notch Drove HEADLAMP. IPX45 water, residue and harm obstruction. The brilliant headlamp produces 4 light modes: high, low, medium, and strobe. The red light headlight and customizable 90-degree head spotlight make it ideal for any strategic use.

Rechargeable Headlight

MULTI-Practical Stuff – Effectively change shine lights for looking through the outside while setting up camp. Zoomable center gives the most extreme lightning accuracy to work. Works impeccably as a hard cap light. Strategic headlamp with red lights for fishing, hunting and some other hardcore.

Hand-crafted Solace – This rechargeable headlight isn’t simply extreme, it’s additionally intended for the greatest solace. Appreciate temperature control, because of the perspiration-safe headband. It’s flexible estimating makes it a specially designed headlight for your head.

ALL-Weather conditions Prepared – headlights are worked to endure all work and weather patterns, from outrageous intensity to frigid virus. Also, the impenetrable elastic fixing safeguards the Drove headlamp battery-powered battery from the residue, ice, and water, for extreme steadfastness.

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