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A Detailed Look at Various Series of Wholesale Solar Garden Lights and How They Differ

9 8 月, 2022

Various Series Of Wholesale Solar Garden Lights Different

Wholesale solar garden lighting Services are provided by solar-powered systems, just like any other product, wholesale solar garden lights come in many different types, designs, and sizes. Divided into fixed and portable lamps, of course, solar garden lamps have the advantage that they can be used without connecting additional wires and are environmentally friendly, and have unlimited energy.

First, wholesale solar garden lights

The wall light of the sun garden is powered by solar energy and can be used in many places, such as the parking lot area or different streets. This solar street light uses batteries and solar panels, which can be charged during the day and illuminated at night, the solar street light can be installed anywhere, the installation is simple, the maintenance cost is relatively low, and because it is a recyclable resource, it is more environmentally friendly.

Solar floodlights can illuminate larger spaces, can be activated by induction, and are very safe. Using solar floodlights does not need to worry about extra cables or batteries, because floodlights can usually last up to 8 days without charging. Hours of operation, and has a motion sensor to detect surrounding motion to help save energy.

Solar wall light

Of course, there are also some portable solar garden lights, basically, with plastic parts, you can insert the product directly into the ground of your own garden, no additional installation tools are required, usually, these solar garden lights are more beautiful in shape, and they also provide auxiliary lighting. can decorate the garden

There is also a type of solar lighting that is a string of lights. Usually, such solar garden lighting has a strong decorative effect and a relatively low lumen, creating a romantic atmosphere, and the color temperature is a relatively warm yellow. Secondly, the bulbs of solar garden lights are different

Some wholesale solar garden lights use LED beads, some use neon bulbs, HID, and Incandescent Bulbs. Of course, we recommend choosing LED solar light bulbs, which last longer than other products, require less energy, have a higher energy conversion rate, and are relatively more reliable.

The third is solar LED garden lights and solar lawn lights

Wholesale solar garden lights are also garden lights and lawn lights. Usually, garden lights are very suitable for residential quarters and public garden campuses, and villa areas. Generally speaking, the height of solar garden lights is 30cm-50cm, while solar lawn lights are very suitable for flat laying.

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The road can be directly integrated with the road, and there will be no additional height to become an obstacle to the road. At the same time, it can provide safety for pedestrians at night, create a clean atmosphere, provide convenience for residents’ life, and provide a sense of security.

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