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2022 Garden Lights Innovation R&D Process From Dowell Supplier.

29 4 月, 2022

Wholesale Perfect Garden Light Innovation Supplier

We are a professional wholesale supplier of garden lights. We have many kinds of garden lights. You can find your favorite lights on our official website. Of course, if our official website does not have your favorite garden light, you can also contact us at any time. We can design your own garden light according to your ideas. Our garden light innovation process has the following steps.

1. First you can tell us what you think.
You can tell us any idea about the product like you need to change the shape of the garden lights, or change the lumen, or you can change the cold light to the warm light, you can choose any point you want to change. If you have an idea for ​​​​creating a new product, what shape, and color, rechargeable or dry battery model, and whether you need solar panels, please feel free to tell us about all the needs of the floor lamp.

2. Discuss with us
We will give you a rough draft of your ideas. If you have any questions, you can freely discuss them with us and ask us any questions. garden light innovation process is starting

3. Confirm the product
After the consultation, we determine the appearance and function of the product, etc., we can confirm the product

4. Design the product
We will design the final complete picture of the product and confirm it with you.
5. Send to the factory for mold proofing

After the product is completed, we will send it to the factory to open the mold for proofing, and then it will be the stage of mass production.

wholesale garden light

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Perfect ground light is born, that all steps of garden light innovation when you go to your garden, you will find your backyard, at that time the patio where you dine is hung with products that come from your ideas, the shape is what you love, The color temperature is just right, everything is just right. The perfect ground light will make your garden no longer dark at night, and no longer feel intimidated when walking on the garden path.

Garden Light Supplier

From string lights to chandeliers to chandeliers to ‘wash’ lights on hedges or walls, we can design them to your specifications, adding drama and beauty, saving you from dreading when the sun goes down Terrible feeling to be outdoors.

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