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300 High Lumen LED Output Wholesale LED Headlamp – Dowell


Wide area lighting: The wide area Wholesale LED Headlamp has 20 sealed LED lights, providing 220 degrees of illumination, better illuminating your area than the conical light of traditional headlights. High output headlamps provide 300 lumens of ultra-bright light.

Wholesale LED Headlamp Supplier

Hands-free LED headlamp: Motion sensor technology allows you to control the light with the wave of your hand. You can adjust from the high-low-strobose-off lighting mode without pressing the button. If the standard button is preferred, the headlamp can be controlled manually.

Wholesale LED Headlamp Suppliers

Comfortable and lightweight: the thickness of ultra-low size LED light belt is less than 1/4 inch. The super soft elastic material is adjustable, suitable for adults or children, and can be put on the helmet when fully extended. Comfortable headband can prolong the use time.

Convenient power supply: use 3 standard or rechargeable AAA batteries to obtain durable power supply. The compact battery box has a locking switch to avoid accidental activation during storage.
Endless use: Kawach K-1110 LED motion sensor headlamp is extremely versatile in its application. It can be used for hiking, running, cycling, outdoor, camping, hunting, fishing, safety, emergency preparedness, home decoration, cars, etc.

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