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9 Best Wholesale LED lights Guide: The Ultimate Guide 2022

9 7 月, 2022

9 Ways Out Wholesale LED Lights, Ultimate Guide 2022!

Wholesale led lights, how to choose led lights, when light industry is rapid developing and a variety of lamp patterns, the price difference among led light is quite obvious.  The production of LED and LED lighting manufacturers are also numerous, different manufacturers choose different LED, the led quality is an important reason for different LED lamps cost. 

Due to the increasingly fierce price war, the prices of products with almost the same appearance, structure and function are quite different. Sometimes wholesale led lights buyers are very dizzy and do not know where the price difference comes from. In fact, many lamp manufacturers are sometimes confused about the price differences.  

Therefore, choose a good matching factory, who has basic led testing equipment is quite necessary.  It can bring more stable and safe businesses.


Regard for the wholesale led lights, below passage gives some tips to follow.

5 Key Specification+4 main avoid Areas.

Knowing these points will be great guid for wholesale led lights.


Brightness of led normally mean two aspects, one is luminance, luminous flux in specific direction unit solid Angle unit area.

And the other one is lumen. Lumen is the sum of the amount of light emitted by a luminous body per second.  Unit: lumens (Lm), indicating the amount of luminescence, the more luminous lumens number.  So, the higher the lumen numbers, the more luminous flux, the higher the lamp brightness.


If led lights are with the same wavelength, they will have same light color. It is difficult for manufacturers without LED spectrometer to produce pure color products. 

Wholesale led lights

3. Color temperature

Color temperature is a unit of measurement that identifies the color of a light and is represented by the K value.  Yellow light is “below 3300K”, white light is “above 5300K”, and there are intermediate colors “3300K-5300K”.  Customer can choose appropriate color temperature based on individual favor, application environment, or lamplight effect that needs to build.

Wholesale led lights


Lifespan is the main difference based on different cost, long lifespan needs better led. Normally these will mark out on package.

Wholesale led lights


Each product will have a different design and different design is suitable for different uses. LED lighting reliability design includes electrical safety, fire safety, environmental safety, mechanical safety, health safety, safe use time and other factors.

Wholesale led lights

Knowing some key factors as above, below are 5points that we need to avoid during choosing products.

6.Actual lifespan is different from data nominated.

Generally LED nominal life is quite long, but LED light lumen is often affected by many factors, temperature, used frequency and so on.  So when wholesale led lights customers purchase LED lights, you should not only pay attention to lifespan but also need to look at the speed of light decay. 

7.Blindly choose low or high Price.

Price reflects the combination of cost, quality and brand value. Ultra-low-price LED products cannot guarantee safety, but ultra-high-price LED may also have inflated components.  So when you have plan to purchase, you need to compare for several factories, and Dowell can list every cost if you need to show clear of each product.

8.Go for fancy features only.

The more functions a product has, the higher the natural cost will be. However, many functions are just eye-catching behaviors of merchants and are basically not used in practical applications. So no matter be ultra modern guest lie light or romantic sitting room light, sunshine illumination is premise to satisfy basic illumination, advocate intelligent simple life. 

8.Only pursue high brightness.

Different occasions have different lighting requirements, and only pursuing high brightness, will cause waste and also may cause harm to eyes.  So, first determine your lighting needs and then choose a lamp that meets your needs.

9. Take the actual luminous Angle as the effective Angle.

LED luminous Angle is divided into effective Angle and actual luminous Angle. So do not take it too seriously if you find the real luminous angle is smaller than declared ones, this is normal and allowed.

If you have other questions want to find proper reply, or other doubts about wholesale led lights, you can leave us a message or send us by email. We will help to give some suggestions. Also if you want to inquiry for some led lights, are also warmly welcomed to contact.

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