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How to Wholesale China Wholesale LED Solar Lights from 1688? The Complete Guide

15 7 月, 2022

Wholesale Led Solar Lights From 1688,a Complete Guide!

1. Definition of 1688

Due to the epidemic situation, customers are not able to come and attend China’s exhibitions like Canton Fair or visit factories by themselves.  Therefore, many customers start to look for suppliers or products from the Internet.

When we talk about B2B delivery mode, the first platform that comes to mind is Definitely Alibaba. Alibaba trading site is used all over the world, both small customers and big customer try to find products and suppliers on Alibaba.  Acutally, except alibaba, there are still trading platform like Yiwu go and 1688, which also more and more customers begin to.

Yiwu go as the name implies, is to purchase from Yiwu.  Yiwu as the world famous trading center, you can buy everything and also you can get any price you want. Yiwu go normally is traded as small order qty, and neutral packing, fast delivery time, and also quite cheap prices. Well, product quality is not as good as customized.

If customers need batch customization and relatively high quality products, they will usually find the factory directly and directly contact with factory for customization.  At this time, 1688 is a good platform for domestic factories to move in.

Many small or medium-sized factories open trade platforms on 1688 to receive export orders, and some do export orders for trading companies.  If the factory of 1688 makes orders, the product quality is relatively stable, and the mass customization is relatively guaranteed.

Wholesale Led Solar Lights

So how do foreign customers do sourcing through 1688 platform? Today we take Wholesale LED Solar light from 1688 as an example, and then give you a general operation guide.

When says to 1688, what does it mean?  Someone still have no idea of it.  1688. com is one China Platform for B2B wholesale trading between suppliers and buys. Normally it is more Chinese factories login in, and language is Chinese, payment is Chinese currency

These years it is growing up very fast, because many traders or manufactures are proved this platform is really good, products, prices and also make special customized requirement  So if is such a good instrument, how can foreigner customers can login in and find the right website to talk, like wholesale led solar lights from 1688?

Because this website is English, we can use the Google web to login it, and use the Google web translation function to change it into English language.   Find your Google browse, and get on website, and use Google translation function to change it into English.  Then you will get a version of English website of 1688.


Wholesale Led Solar Lights

Wholesale Led Solar Lights

2. How to find 1688 and get your account on it.

After get this website down, you need to register for an account.  First you need to have a phone number, and make resister on it just like other website.

3.How to search for wholesale led solar lights?

When finish the resister, you need to fulfill your profile. After finished these, you can type and search for the items you want. Take wholesale led solar lights as an example.

You can choose two ways on searching on 1688.  First is to find a product, type in your key words in the searching box, you will have all items listed in different version and varied prices. Like below screenshot. You can narrow the range based on some specification like voltage, switch types and prices.

The second way is to find a supplier, and make key words in searching box, and then you will get a list of suppliers.

4.What to tell before you know it is a right suppliers

When you search a product or a supplier, you can click the pages, and check for the details of the supplier, it will have a brief introduction. Like location, contact, products, certificates, and also some data to show the supplier, such as service, return order, and also customer comments.

Wholesale Led Solar Lights

You can tell from the overall information to make a roughly conclusion.  And you can contact online with the supplier for more information, like markets, like goods quality level, or which brand they every do, so you will have a better mind to see if this supplier suitable for you.  And finally you can ask for prices, or even samples for check.

Wholesale Led Solar Lights

5.More tips regard to payment and shipment from 1688

If you already learned how to use, and also find suitable suppliers, the following problem may meet is payment and shipment.

For payment, you can use Alipya, or use wire transfer.  And for shipment, if you Wholesale LED Solar Lights from 1688, it is same as for other goods purchase.  If you buy small bulks, check for the express fee and choose the economic one. If you but big bulks, you need to check with forwarder for the ocean shipping fee.

Now, take wholesale led solar lights  as example, you already know how to use 1688.c0m, right?  And if you still have other doubts just contact us freely online.

We also do all led lightings, including wholesale led solar lights, if you have lighting requirements, just visit Dowell homepage for more options.

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